Keeping your Cool

From Jake Plummer's emotions to Tatum Bell's dislocated shoulder, Sunday's win was anything be deserved.

In life there are some games that you are meant to win and others that you're not. For Denver this game was a win, but should not have been played the way that it was.

The Broncos walked away with a win, but suffered significant injuries, most notably Tatum Bell with a third degree left shoulder separation and Willie Middlebrooks with a lower right leg injury. For Bell, the injury will more than likely put an end to his rookie season. Middlebrooks is scheduled to have an MRI done on Monday.

As if the injuries weren't enough, Jake Plummer had some explaining to do.

During the 1st quarter emotions got the best of him after his first interception by Miami's defensive end Jay Williams. After returning to the Broncos bench Plummer made an obscene gesture behind his back, clearly within the view of television cameras, which was directed toward fans seated directly behind him.

After the game, Jake Plummer took ownership to what he did and stated, "I apologize to our fans, it was not directed towards our fans. One guy got in my head a little bit. I shouldn't be that way, but I'm an emotional guy. You guys watch the way I play; I play with a lot of passion. But I apologize to (Owner) Mr. Pat Bowlen, to our fans, to the entire staff and our team."

"I would never direct that to our fans; we have the greatest fans in the league. There was a guy that I heard-specifically things said-and it kind of got in my dome. I can't be like that, but I'm an emotional guy and I think that if you ask my teammates, they'll say that's why they like to play with me. I play with a lot of passion and sometimes it gets the best of me. I apologize to all of you, everybody and my teammates."

The Broncos will take to the road next Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs, followed by a Christmas evening game in Tennessee. The 2004 regular season will close out at Invesco Field on Jan. 2, with a match up against Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts.

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