Q & A with Mike Shanahan

Coming off one of their worst performances in recent memory, head coach Mike Shanahan looks to piece it all back together for a Christmas Day contest against the Tennessee Titans.<br><br> Check out the full transcript from Tuesday's Press Conference.

On if having a short week with Saturday's game at Tennessee hurts or helps the Broncos
"Well, it's always a little bit tough any time you get a short week because you have to kind of get everyone going in one day. But on the positive side, you don't have to reflect on the loss as long. You kind of get started on the next opponent. I think with the holidays, the way it does help you."

On if having a game on Christmas makes it tougher to focus for the players
"When the schedule came out, I think everybody knew we were going to be busy on Christmas. So you have a chance to reflect on that. In this business, regardless of if it's Thanksgiving or Christmas or New Year's, you've got a job to do and you've got a schedule that's going to stay pretty consistent regardless of the situation. I think about how many times I've played on Christmas. I think I've played four or five times, and you know it's just part of the job. Obviously, you come back and try and make it up another time."

On if he is looking forward to going against Titans coach Jeff Fisher
"Yeah, it's always nice to go against a team with some friends that you know. I think there's a little incentive there on both sides that makes you want to play well. Under the circumstances, it's a Saturday night game on national TV on Christmas Day, and you always want to play well. We've got a lot at stake and hopefully we come to play."

On if he has talked on the phone with Fisher in recent weeks
"I'll be honest with you - I don't talk on the phone very much especially during the season. I don't talk very much at all, in fact, when they give out the bills mine is always the lowest. I think that means I don't have a lot of friends, to be honest with you. I've talked to Jeff a couple times this season. But you're both so busy and kind of heading into different directions, and you've got your game plans and your focus. So, sometimes it's tough but I've talked to him a couple times this year."

On what he thinks of Titans quarterback Billy Volek
"He's been pretty consistent since he's been with Tennessee. When he's been asked to perform, he's performed well. They really like him because of the way he's performed when he's been called upon. The last two games were very indicative of the type of talent he has."

On his assessment of the Titans' defense
"I think they're a little nicked up and they've lost a few players. They've really played good through the first half. I think nine of the 14 games they've been ahead. They've given up a few points there in the second half and they've lost some close games. Any time you lose as many players as they have on defense, sometimes you're going to struggle a little bit. I'm not feeling sorry for them though. They haven't lost as many as we have."

On if he thinks Jake Plummer is feeling pressure
"I think you're always feeling the pressure. Any time you're not living up to the expectations, you always feel that pressure. If not, you're usually not made of the right stuff. You've got a certain expectation level that you expect of yourself and you expect of your players. If you don't reach that, the pressure mounts. But I think Jake is tough enough to handle it. Any time you have 13 turnovers in four games, you don't usually win very consistently. We know we have to eliminate some of those mistakes and we have to quit beating ourselves."

On the health of running backs Tatum Bell and Reuben Droughns
"I think Tatum will be able to practice all week and Reuben will be able to practice all week, so it's a good sign."

On what the mood is like in the locker room and in meetings this week after last week's tough loss at Kansas City
"I think everybody deals with it their own way. There's nothing you can do about it. You address the things you did poorly and you attack them. What you try to do is just eliminate those mistakes. What you do is… There's not any big thing that you can do. You just do the little things the right way. You've go to go back to basics, and if you do that then you'll get the chance to correct some of those mistakes. Hopefully when we're presented with the same situation, we'll quit making those mistakes and find a way to win."

On if Tatum Bell has surpassed Reuben Droughns on the depth chart for the starting RB spot
"You can see that we've got two guys that can handle the ball. Both guys are going to play. Reuben will start. I feel very good about our situation."

On if he thinks the large amount of talented receivers in the league has made cornerback Champ Bailey's job more difficult
"See, I'm not really sure what you think about Champ and what he does because there's a lot of times that a guy will catch a pass on Champ (and) everybody thinks it's Champ in his own coverage. Or if a guy is playing man-free and the safety is in the middle of the field and they blame it on Champ if the guy catches it. I'm not saying Champ has played perfect, but to talk about how a guy's playing, especially at the cornerback position, you really have to study the coverages to say if a guy had a good game or a bad game."

On if the new 5-yard contact rule has affected Champ Bailey's play
"To be honest with you, Champ doesn't really touch people. He's got such great quickness, he can mirror people without getting the jam. That's one of the people that really hasn't been affected by the new rule because he's got that kind of quickness and ability. A lot of people, especially big corners, what they do is they come in and kind of grab the guy or hold the guy because they don't have the quick quickness to stay on them. Champ has that kind of quick quickness. What we have to do is be careful when we put pressure on the quarterback and do the things that give a corner the chance to make a play. Because, believe me, if we had all players like Champ Bailey, we'd be a pretty good team."

On if he feels Bailey deserves to get voted to the Pro Bowl
"I'll be honest with you, of course I do. He's one of the best corners in the league, if not the best. But that's neither here nor there. I don't really get caught up in this Pro Bowl balloting because I think some guys who aren't even mentioned are some of the best players in the league. Sometimes it'll take a guy two or three years to really make it to the Pro Bowl and he's been playing at that level."

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