Q & A with Jake Plummer

Denver Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer talks about the dissapointing loss in Kansas Cith and the preparation for facing the Titans on Christmas Day. <br><br> Check out the full transcript from Plummer's Press Conference<br><br>

On the importance of putting last week's loss at Kansas City behind him
"It's real important. We have a short week, which may help. We don't have an extra day to sit around and wallow in the past. We can move forward and get ready to put it all together. It starts out on the practice field. We are all feeling kind of bad and down in the dumps a little bit. We have to get out there and change our attitude and get ready to go out and have a good practice. Coach Shanahan just said it best; we are not going to do any big thing to get this thing back on track. We have to do all the little things. We have to be real aware of what you have to do, your plays; Go back to just basics. Covering your responsibility and doing the little things right should get us back on track."

On looking back at the past two months
"It's not what we want to do right in the middle of the season. It's tough because you want to find an answer but there are still games left. You don't want to sit back and try to find an answer to what happened negatively or why we lost some of those games. All we can do is focus on this (game). I think we know the situation we are in. It's not the one we wanted to be in, but we know the one thing that can help us is going down to Tennessee and getting a win. That's all we can be focused on right now. We can't worry about anything else. Do the little things right, like coach said, and try to go get a win down in Tennessee."

On the Titans' defense
"They are doing a lot of stuff. They are dialing up and coming with blitzes, playing back and mixing a lot of stuff up. If you catch them in the right look, there are chances for big plays. Again, the pressure is on us offensively to perform. We want to run the ball well. Obviously, that is what we like to do. If we get a chance downfield we have to make the big plays, and we didn't have that on (last) Sunday. We didn't do it, and we missed a couple opportunities. That's what we have to do is focus on just staying on the field and making those big plays."

On playing on the road on Christmas day
"Being in the (National Football) League for eight years, you don't get a chance to really celebrate the holidays when you are playing in the NFL. It might fall on a day where you get half the day off, but that's just part of the business. It's a time to be thankful. I'll make all the phone calls after the game to back home. People will be in my head, and thoughts will be of family and friends. But we have to get focused and go play. The one thing is everyone is going to get a chance to see you play. All my family, which is always fun, when they get a chance to see you play. It's Christmas day, we have a lot to be thankful for, and we'll hopefully go out there and get a win."

On his impressions of Titans quarterback Billy Volek
"(I watched) him play against Kansas City and I watched the game film last week. The guy is getting out there and throwing the ball around. He's making some plays. Those guys out there, they are not playing for anything, but they are playing hard. That's a scary team. We have to go in there, and we know they are going to be ready to beat us. We have to be ready to play well against them. A guy like him, he's making the most of an opportunity. He's putting up a lot of yardage, and they are scoring a lot of points. Whatever they are doing over there, he's obviously having a good time and doing it."

On playing with more urgency than ever
"We have to. We know that nothing but a win right now is going to get us in the position that we want to be in. We have to get this win. The way the team will respond, we'll see. It's Wednesday (The team's weekly schedule has been moved a day earlier with a Saturday game). The only thing we can do is go out there with a positive attitude and try to wash away what happened. It's a short week. There are a lot of reasons and a lot of distractions you can look at with Christmas and traveling and all that stuff. But all we can focus on is Tennessee, and it starts today out in practice. We are going to do the same thing that we have been doing but just concentrate more on the little things. We'll go out there and get the work in we need and study harder, and stay here a little longer, and get ready to play Tennessee."

On feeling pressure as the starting quarterback
"I feel the same pressure you feel all year. Obviously now, it is heightened because we know the situation we are in. I know I can play better, and a lot of guys will tell you that same thing. All of us can raise our level of play, and it starts with me. I'm going to go out there this week and prepare as hard as I can, knowing that when Sunday comes around, I can go out there and make some plays. We'll see what happens. I know there is pressure on all of us right now. Not so much just me, but it is focused on me a lot. I know I can step up my game, and I think a lot of other guys around me will say the same thing."

On playing a team that is out of playoff contention
"I don't know. (Tennessee) is just trying to win games. They might be gambling a bit more than they would if they were in a position to be in the playoffs. We can't worry about what they are going to do. All we can do is take care of our business. They are obviously trying some different stuff. It's not a sign of desperation I don't think; It's just the sign of a coach who wants to try some things. If it's working, they are going to keep doing it. We have to be ready for it."

On his confidence in RBs Reuben Droughns and Tatum Bell
"Those guys, (Running Backs Coach Bobby Turner) is on them quite a bit. When I talk to them, it's usually just encouraging them and trying to keep their heads up a little bit. They are both very quality guys and quality running backs. Tatum has shown a lot. You look at that kid and see what he has done, and he has a bright future in this league. We want to keep feeding him the ball and put Reuben in there when we can. Both of those guys know I can play a lot better. I'm going to step my game up, and I know a lot of guys on this side of the ball, on offense, are going to say the same thing. That's what we are going to have to do as a unit."

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