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John Lynch, Rod Smith and the Colorado Legal System take centerstage in today's edition of Denver Broncos News and Notes.

John Lynch's wallet took a huge hit on Wednesday after the NFL fined the Denver Broncos safety $75,000 for laying out Indianapolis Colts receiver Dallas Clark.

According to a league source, the severity of the fine was based on the fact that this is Lynch's fourth infraction in as many years, and his second of the season.

What makes the fine so ironic is that it would have never been issued in the first place had Clark held onto the ball.

After flagging Lynch on the play, officials withdrew the penalty claiming that Clark had caught the ball and subsequently fumbled. The fumble was returned by Broncos linebacker Kelly Herndon for a touchdown.

A Colts challenge, and subsequent video review, reversed both the touchdown and the penalty when it was ruled that Clark never had possession of the ball in the first place, thereby nullifying the fumble, which in turn made Lynch's hit on a defenseless receiver illegal.

"I understand the rule very well, and it's a cloudy rule," said Colts head coach Tony Dungy. "If the receiver has the ball and has two feet on the ground, it's a good hit. If he doesn't have the ball, or he doesn't have two feet on the ground, it's illegal."

Dwelling on the inevitable…….
Just in case anyone forgot what it was like to be completely embarrassed by Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts, Rod Smith will be more than happy to remind you.

"It was very humiliating; it was very humbling," Smith acknowledged of last year's 41-10 debacle. "It's something I've carried with me since the game ended last year."

Hoping to avoid a similar fate this year, Smith has adopted the role of motivational expert, anxious to share his humiliation to anyone within earshot.

"As one of the captains of this team, that's my job," Smith is quoted on the teams official web site, "… to light that fire in our guys during the week, so we get it done during the week on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, preparation on Saturday and go out there Sunday and leave it on the field."

Speaking of Lynch…….
Don't expect something as trivial as a fractured thumb to keep John Lynch off the field in Indianapolis this Sunday.

The twelve-year veteran, who suffered the injury on the first play of last week's game, will be fitted with a special cast, which will immobilize the thumb while freeing his hand and fingers, allowing him at least one more shot at Colts receiver Dallas Clark.

Providing he can afford it.

The wheels of Justice…….
Is it just me, or has the Colorado legal system faced more than its fair share of athletes over the past year?

From Kobe to CU to Denny Neagle to Carmello – now just to make things interesting you can add Denver Broncos cornerback Willie Middlebrooks and former Broncos defensive tackle turned Indianapolis Colt, Montae Reagor to the list.

Middlebrooks was nailed on New Years day for allegedly punching his girlfriend and picking her up by the throat and choking her.

Reagor, who turned himself in to authorities on Saturday when the Colts team plane arrived, is looking at felony and misdemeanor charges stemming from phone calls he allegedly made threatening the life of a former girlfriend.

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