The O'Reilly Report

Broncos Update Contributor Dan O'Reilly takes a look at the playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts and doesn't like what he saw. Read how he grades the performance in this week's edition of the O'Reilly Report.

This was, plain and simple, an old-fashioned butt-kicking, for the second year in a row. People can complain about conspiracy theories, about the game "being fixed" by the league, about anything they want. But plain and simple, the Broncos were whipped by a much better Indianapolis team.

Offense: F

Wonderful, they scored 21 second-half points. After scoring 3 in the entire first half. Big deal. Quarterback Jake Plummer yet again proved he's not a pocket passer, and proved he can't win the big game. I don't know what else to say; there seem to be so MANY people who believe he's the future of this team, and if that's true, then this team's future is being playoff fodder for the teams who aren't pretenders to the title. Every single team has been shown, time and again this year, that to beat Plummer, you contain him, it's as simple as that. Granted, it doesn't help that the defense let Indy jump all over the Broncos in the first half, so Denver had to become one-dimensional. But the sad fact is, Plummer didn't come close to getting the job done (again).

Defense: F

No coverage. Blown coverage. No pressure. 450+ yards by Peyton Manning. There is NOBODY on the defensive side of the ball who earned a paycheck today. I think the lack of Pryce hurt this team more consistently this year than any single other thing on the defensive side of the ball, and showed this team is at least one good power rusher away from really being a great defensive team.

Special Teams: B

At least SOMEBODY came to play today.

Coaching: F

The Broncos were just plain out-coached today. Indy had better game plans on both sides of the ball, and they also executed them. The Broncos waited until the second half to call the plays they SHOULD have been running in the first half, before things got out of hand.

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