Broncos News Briefs - Thursday, Jan. 13

The Denver Broncos may pick up an extra draft pick to compensate for the one they will lose as a penalty for salary cap circumvention from 1996-98. Read about it in today's news reports.

Broncos may gain one pick, lose pick - Denver Post - Bill Williamson
Thursday, January 13, 2005 - Although they won't officially know until March, there is a good chance the Broncos will recoup a third-round draft pick, making up for the one taken away by the NFL. The Broncos will get at least one compensatory draft pick by the NFL for the free-agency losses of Bert Berry and Ian Gold. The picks will be announced at the NFL owners meetings in March. Denver lost a selection in September when the NFL fined the Broncos $950,000 and took away the 2005 third-round choice as a penalty for salary cap circumvention from 1996-98.

Diamond in the rough NFL - Rocky Mountain News - Jeff Legwold
January 13, 2005 - There is a Chinese proverb that, roughly translated, says "a gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials." In that light, Denver Broncos coach Mike Shanahan says there is a gem to be found in the 10-7 season his team just finished. That the distance between the current Broncos, still wearing the ego bruise of a 49-24 loss at Indianapolis to end their postseason, and the league's elite simply is not nearly as far as most people believe. "To end the season like we did really hurts because of all the things you did during the season and the off-season - it is tough," Shanahan said. "But you know, life is tough. You've got to deal with it. You've got to go on. You've got to persevere. That's part of football." Which brings us to the friction. The Broncos have finished their past two seasons with brain-numbing, confidence- sapping losses to the Indianapolis Colts.

Broncos look on bright side - Rocky Mountain News - Lee Rasizer
January 13, 2005 - A sweat-drenched Al Wilson stood in a thoughtful pose Sunday, one leg perched on a folding chair in front of his locker, and considered the season that had just ended - and an inquiry: Did he view Denver's season a success? "I do. I truly do," the Broncos middle linebacker stated plainly. "Even though we didn't go as far as we wanted to, we survived, we fought. We came to play, week in and week out. And that's all you can do is ask the best of each other and play for 60 minutes."

Broncos sure weren't boring - Denver Post - Patrick Saunders
Thursday, January 13, 2005 - The Broncos haven't won a playoff game in six years, and their 49-24 wild-card loss Sunday at Indianapolis lingers like dirty winter snow. But at least the Mile High City's NFL team isn't boring. From Champ's arrival to Jake's Sasquatch impersonation to Reuben's run, it was a memorable season. Here's a look back at the top 10 Broncos stories of the 2004 season.

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