McPherson to remain with Broncos

Denver Broncos quarterback coach Pat McPherson has turned down an offer to become the offensive coordinator at Syracuse University. Former Broncos defensive coordinator Greg Robinson made the offer to McPherson after he was recently named head coach at Syracuse. Read about it in today's news briefs.

McPherson to stay with Broncos - Rocky Mountain News - Jeff Legwold
January 15, 2005 - In the end, with a job opportunity dangling in front of him, Broncos quarterbacks coach Pat McPherson felt the tug of his family as well as optimism for the Broncos future when he chose to stay right where he is. McPherson, who has been the Broncos quarterbacks coach for the past two seasons, turned down a chance to be the offensive coordinator at Syracuse University this week. Syracuse announced the hiring of former Broncos defensive coordinator Greg Robinson as the school's new head coach Tuesday.

Crass acts distract - Denver Post - Bill Briggs
Sunday, January 16, 2005 - Randy Moss' hair - billowy and bombastic - is hardly the issue today. His mouth - so often selfish and surly - is not bothering anyone now. But his backside - along with an accompanying national fury - may be the piece of Moss that finally flusters his teammates, breaks their focus and causes Minnesota to fade from the playoffs like a waning moon. A week after the Vikings receiver taunted Green Bay Packers fans by pretending to drop his drawers in the end zone, Moss' antics are still being replayed, rehashed and, worse, relived by his teammates during interviews.

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