Schon: Rumors, Rants & Raves 1/19/05

Reuben Droughns is out, Mike Nolan is in and who knows what's up with Randy Moss and the Vikings.<br><br> Broncos Update Columnist Schon takes us on a quick tour around the league for all the latest Rumors, Rants and Raves.

It may be a common belief that defense win championships, but it's the offense scoring the points as far as the ratings are concerned and this weekend's match up promises to be utopia for executives at CBS and FOX.

Michael Vick, the most exciting quarterback in the past four years vs. Donovan McNabb and a 111.4 quarterback rating – Ben Rothlesberger, who has yet to lose a game in the NFL vs. Tom Brady, who has yet to lose a playoff game in the NFL.

It's nice to know we've progressed past the Brad JohnsonTrent Dilfer era.

.... Mike Nolan is in as the 49ers new head coach and Paul Hackett is out as the New York Jets offensive coordinator. More coaching changes are expected within the next few weeks, primarily in the Jets, Vikings, Cleveland and Baltimore camps.

.... Speculation continues to mount on Randy Moss' future in Minnesota. Both Phil Simms and Cris Carter have gone on record predicting relocation for the controversial wide receiver.

"I'm going to go on record and say that Randy Moss has played his last game in Minnesota," Carter told listeners on Sirus NFL Radio Tuesday.

.... Did anybody else catch the little hissy fit between Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe on the set of NFL Today over the weekend?

Marino turned all shades of red during his Peyton Manning recap when he was constantly bombarded by Sharpe's -"Did he play like an MVP?" rap. Fortunately, a commercial interruption prevented the ex-quarterback from going Jim Everett on the former Bronco. Round Two begins this Sunday.

.... I wonder if Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen took notice over the weekend when Green Bay head coach Mike Sherman was stripped of his general manager duties. I wonder if Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan took notice over the weekend when Green Bay head coach Mike Sherman was stripped of his general manager duties.

.... Sports Agent Drew Rosenhause is actively shopping running back Reuben Droughns, now that the Broncos have given the fifth-year veteran permission to seek a trade. It was Rosenhause that engineered the Clinton Portis for Champ Bailey trade during the 2004 off season.

"I've talked to the Broncos about this, and they understand our stance," Rosenhaus said. "I don't want to overblow this, but this is definitely something we think is in everyone's best interest."

.... Look for Bills running back Travis Henry to make his way out of Buffalo A.S.A.P. – it seems the three-year veteran is unhappy in his role as Willis McGahee's backup and has asked his agent to open up talks with the Miami Dolphins.

"I have put up the numbers to prove I'm just as good as him," Henry said of McGahee. "I'm one of the top five running backs in the NFL."

Last time I checked, 326-yards over the course of six games, losing your starting position less than half way through the season and bad mouthing your boss's number one draft pick does not make you one of the top five running backs in the NFL.

It makes you a perfect fit for the Raiders.

.... Defensive tackle Chris Hovan is counting down his days with the Vikings. As the first player out the door following Sunday's loss to the Eagles, Hovan rambled off a "Goodbye Minnesota" blast to anyone within earshot. No word yet on whether anybody noticed.

.... Speaking of the Vikings, it appears backup quarterback Gus Ferotte may also be in the market for a U-Haul. The eleven-year veteran wants to test the free agency market, hoping to land somewhere he can compete for a starting job. Considering the fact he hasn't started more than a handful of games since the 1997 season, the pickings may be slim.

.... The word out of Wisconsin has Packers coach Mike Sherman setting the clock on future Hall of Famer quarterback Brett Farve. The fourteen-year veteran has until March 2nd to decide whether or not he'll return for the 2005 season.

.... Apparently job security isn't an issue for defensive coaches in Kansas City these days. Despite finishing second to last in total yards allowed, the entire Chiefs crew will be brought back next season, a tear-less Dick Vermiel announced.

I'm anxious to see how long that lasts.

.... Here's one for the books. Of the 10 NFL teams to score 500 points, the Indianapolis Colts are the first to fail to score a touchdown in a playoff game.

.... From the files of Tailgating Etiquette 101 - There are 24 hours in a day, and 24 beers in a case. Coincidence? - I don't think so.

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