Broncos News Briefs - Sunday, Jan. 30

In today's news - the Denver Broncos may be considering a switch to the 3-4 defense. Also - more news from the Senior Bowl.

Look for Denver to adopt the 3-4 - Denver Post - Bill Williamson
Sunday, January 30, 2005 - In an attempt to get over the hump from first-round playoff exit to Super Bowl contender, the Broncos are contemplating going the way of the New England Patriots. The Broncos, in a move that would be a significant change of philosophy, are leaning toward implementing a 3-4 defensive scheme package. According to team and NFL sources, the Broncos are evaluating how a 3-4 defense would help - and they believe it would fit into their current package of talent. No final decisions have been made, but it appears the team will develop a plan in which the 3-4 will be used significantly. The 3-4 - three defensive linemen and four linebackers instead of the more traditional four linemen and three linebackers - likely won't totally become Denver's base defense. But it would be used often.

Coaches are left bowling for jobs - Denver Post - Bill Williamson
Sunday, January 30, 2005 - Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Tice was standing on the sideline last week, smoking a cigar and charting defensive backs during Senior Bowl workouts. Up came one of the coaches, striking up a conversation with Tice at this unofficial unemployed coaches convention. Tice, sensing he was being hit up for a job, was distant but encouraging to the desperate, out-of-work coach. "Keep up the good fight," Tice told him. "Keep fighting, it will come." While the main purpose of Senior Bowl week is to scout prospective picks for the NFL draft in April, it has evolved into the primary opportunity for NFL coaches to lay the groundwork for job interviews.

MVP Frye, Sproles drive North's win - Denver Post - Bill Williamson
Sunday, January 30, 2005 - Darren Sproles ran for a touchdown, Charlie Frye threw for 138 yards and a score, and Mike Nugent kicked three field goals to lead the North to a 23-13 victory Saturday over the South in the Senior Bowl. The game capped a week-long audition for top NFL prospects and wound up showcasing lesser-known players such as Akron's Frye and the game's smallest player in Kansas State's Sproles, who's trying to prove he can play in the NFL despite his size. The 5-foot-5 Sproles of Kansas State outplayed bigger tailbacks, darting through the middle for 24 yards and the game's first touchdown with 10:07 left in the third quarter, immediately ripping off his helmet to celebrate the score.

Broncos at the Senior Bowl: Searching for the Next Generation - Denver - Andrew Mason
Friday, January 28, 2005 - When Ted Sundquist was the Broncos' director of college scouting, the practices prior to the Senior Bowl represented a culmination of sorts; a cap on his efforts of supervising the study of every possible prospect in that year's draft class. But tasks change with a shift in jobs. When he became the team's general manager three years ago, Sundquist's focus broadened by necessity from looking at college players. So as Jim Goodman -- his successor in the college scouting slot -- now directs the efforts of the Broncos' cadre of college scouts, Sundquist's reach and sight broadened. So much so, in fact, that as the 2004 regular season progressed, he had to focus on this year's upcoming unrestricted and restricted free agents. For Sundquist, the week of practices in Mobile, Ala. became less about confirming what he already knew about the year's draft class, and more about getting to know them in the first place.

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