Seattle to pursue Sundquist

According to reports in today's news, the Seattle Seahawks will interview the Denver Broncos' General Manager Ted Sundquist for the same position with their club. Meanwhile, Sundquist is busy working on free agency, the draft and the salary cap for the Broncos.

Not-so-familiar face - Denver Post - Bill Williamson
Monday, January 31, 2005 - The day after the Broncos' season ended, as the pundits were exploring ideas to fix everything and make the team a Super Bowl champion again, Mike Shanahan was asked if the Broncos should bring in a general manager to assist him in finding the final pieces of the championship puzzle. While Shanahan was in the Broncos' media room fielding that question, Ted Sundquist was behind closed doors at the team's Dove Valley headquarters. Sundquist was in his office working on signing street free agents for the 2005 season, the first day he could act on players he thought would look good in blue and orange. Sundquist also was reviewing film of the disappointing playoff loss at Indianapolis the day before and was constructing an offseason plan.

Coach, GM must have same game plan - Denver Post - Bill Williamson
Monday, January 31, 2005 - Bobby Beathard has done it both ways. He has done it with give-and-take between the coach and general manager. And he has done it with angst between the coach and general manager. In retrospect, Beathard says there's only one way to be successful in the NFL. "The coach and general manager have to work together," Beathard said. "I've been part of it when it has worked and when it hasn't. I know the difference. You have to have the communication between the two or it will really kill the team." The relationship between coach and general manager in the NFL has not always been smooth.

Seattle wants to talk to Denver GM - Seattle Times - José Miguel Romero
Monday, January 31, 2005 - The Seahawks' list of potential interviewees for the vacant position of president of football operations is taking shape. That list — being put together in large part by Hoon Cho and Bert Kolde, two members of the team's board of directors and business associates of owner Paul Allen — will be compiled this week in the opening stages of the search for a president. Cho and Kolde have spoken with more than a few teams, according to sources close to the situation, and one of the names to emerge from those introductory talks is Denver Broncos general manager Ted Sundquist. The Seahawks have asked the Broncos for permission to speak with Sundquist about the job, and the Broncos will likely grant the request today.

'Improvements' -- Not Overhaul -- Focus of Offseason - - Andrew Mason
Monday, January 31, 2005 - In Philadelphia and New England, the focus remains squarely on the 2004 season, with one game remaining as they square off for a world championship. In Denver, the focus is already on the 2005 season. It has been, in fact, for three weeks now, since the Broncos were eliminated by the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC wild-card round. In as much time as it took for the Broncos to board a plane and fly back to Colorado, the focus of the Broncos' energies switched to 2005. "Immediately, the offseason and preparations for 2005 began on the day after the game," General Manager Ted Sundquist said. "We've got a three-month period here where we can improve our football team."

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