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The band played on in the Terrell Owens saga on Tuesday, and despite my requests to the gods of football for any type of reprieve, it appears that the "will he / won't he" deliberation will continue to fester, long past today's Media circus.

While Andy Reed remained ambiguous Owens declared that he would not only play, but would play effectively, despite having a steel plate with two screws implanted in his ankle just a little over a month ago.

A partial taste of Tuesday's Madness –

"I would like to welcome everybody to Media Day – it has begun."
Terrell Owens - Philadelphia Eagles

"I'm going to be very effective, if you guys are looking for me to go out there and just dilly dallies around, take up one side of the field just for attention, I'm going to do that whether I'm on or off the field, so it really doesn't matter."
Terrell Owens - Philadelphia Eagles

"I'm here in Florida and it's like 35-40 degrees, I'm freezing up here, my nose is running, but yea I'm having a great time."
Donovan McNabb - Philadelphia Eagles

"Where is everybody? …. Are we early?
Tom BradyNew England Patriots

"When you attack me personally and you call me out in front of millions of people when I haven't done anything wrong, I haven't disrespected you, I haven't said anything bad about you, then I'm going to respond."
Rodney Harrison - New England Patriots

"If you need bulletin-board material to get you amped up before a game, you shouldn't be playing."
Freddie Mitchell – Philadelphia Eagles

"I don't think I deserve to be up here. It's funny, I played in two Super Bowls with the Green Bay Packers and was sitting in the corner on Media Day. Now I'm up here."
Jeff Thomason – Philadelphia Eagles

"Jeremy Trotter is feeling kind of left out guys, could someone go down and entertain him, … yea, Jeremy Trotter's on the cover of Sports Illustrated, can he get a little love?"
Terrell Owens - Philadelphia Eagles

Positively the worst question ever
"Tom, why are you so handsome?"
Anonymous question for New England quarterback Tom Brady

Possibly the best answer ever
Really? … You need a partner?
New England quarterback Tom Brady answering the worst question ever.

No Love
Freddie Mitchell may a hot commodity as far as reporters are concerned, but as far as the Eagles go, he's still second string. During Tuesday's official Media Day the wide receiver was forced to answer questions while seated in the stands, safely removed from the private podiums allotted to Philadelphia's more important members of the team.

"Yeah, Freddie's Freddie, but I spoke to him about it and I'm not going to discuss what was covered," head coach Andy Reid said. "We communicated and we'll leave it at that."

Ironically, a podium was given to tight end Jeff Thomason who, up until last week was working as a supervisor at a construction plant in New Jersey.

Breakfast of Super Bowl Champions?
According to a report in the Boston Herald, a woman is attempting to sell her daughter's bowl of breakfast cereal on e-bay, claiming that the pattern of Apple Jacks poured into her green bowl formed a perfect likeness of the Philadelphia Eagles team logo. The e-bay auction, which includes pictures of the cereal's layout, which I have yet to decipher, has a current bid of $15.00, after opening up at a mere $2.99.

"This morning my daughter was eating her cereal and she screamed Mommy, LOOK – There's a Philadelphia Eagle in my Apple Jacks", the seller reports. "I almost fainted."

The highest bidder will receive the green bowl, which once belonged to the seller's grandfather, the soggy cereal, which has since been dried out and the knowledge that should the Eagles defeat the Patriots, the victory will rest entirely in the hands of the proud cereal patron.

As a special note the seller stated – "Hey if someone can sell a grilled cheese sandwich with the Virgin Mary on it, this is worth a shot."

An interesting side note
Every team that has won the Super Bowl's opening coin toss has elected to receive the kickoff. Those teams are 18-20.

Side Note Part 2
The Colorado Buffalos have more players participating in Super Bowl XXXIX than any other college. Philadelphia's roster features safety Michael Lewis and backup quarterback Koy Detmer while New England's lineup includes linebacker Ted Johnson, tight end Daniel Graham and Christian Fauria and offensive tackle Tom Ashworth who is officially on injured reserve.

The Pack Attack
Following a recent article on the Broncos hiring of former Green Bay defensive coordinator Bob Slowik as their secondary coach, my inbox was flooded with e-mails from the Packer Nation. Some were thankful that Slowik was leaving, others called the article completely biased, claiming that I failed to note all the wonderful things Slowik did for the Packers secondary during the 2002 and 2003 seasons.

The best shot came from Al who runs a site called

"I'm still a sore loser from Super Bowl 32, so I couldn't have picked a better place for him to go, (hehe)."

As a side note – during the 2002 – 03 seasons Bob Slowik's defensive secondary gave up an average of 213.4 yards per game – a similar output in Denver would drop the Broncos from their 2004 ranking of sixth best in the NFL to a tie with St. Louis in the number eleven slot.

Sorry, but I'm still not convinced.

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