Broncos News Briefs - Thurs. Feb. 10

Read more about the Pro Bowl in today's news reports. Also - Denver Broncos cornerback Lenny Walls recovers from shoulder surgery.

Hitting hurts safeties, too - Denver Post - Bill Williamson
Thursday, February 10, 2005 - Brian Dawkins watched the highlights and cringed, not for Dallas Clark - who had been hit - but for the hitter. Dawkins just knew the Broncos' John Lynch, his NFL safety brother, would have to dig deep into his pockets. It bothered Dawkins. "He used the head and you can't do that, but there was nothing John could do. I knew he was going to get it," the Philadelphia safety said. "John is not a dirty player; he's a great safety. But that means he's going to have to pay for those hits sometimes."

Injury Update: Lenny Walls - Denver - Andrew Mason
Wednesday, February 9, 2005 - Champ Bailey and John Lynch were the only Broncos selected to play in the Pro Bowl, but a few others are also headed to Hawaii, ready to soak in a mid-winter's week of 80-degree sunshine. Lenny Walls could have joined them. He also could have spent last week in Jacksonville, enjoying the Super Bowl revelry. But he has something more important to handle -- the daily rehabilitation work as he continues recovering from the three right shoulder dislocations and subsequent surgery that turned 2004 from promising to painful.

Broncos considering changing to a 3-4 defensive scheme - Mercury News - Frank Schwab
Wed, Feb. 09, 2005 - Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Larry Coyer watched Sunday's Super Bowl with extra interest. If the Broncos decide to switch from a 4-3 defense with four defensive linemen and three linebackers to a 3-4 alignment next season, which is being considered, a big part of the reason will be the success of the New England Patriots. The Patriots, who beat Philadelphia for their third Super Bowl title in four years, primarily use a 3-4 defense. "It's a game of copying," Coyer said. "You have to look at what (the Patriots) are doing." Coyer said the team is evaluating switching the defense but was adamant a change has not been made.

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