Broncos News Briefs - Friday, Feb. 11

How the Denver Broncos stack up against the salary cap is featured in today's news stories. Also - Champ Bailey and John Lynch have fulfilled a promise to take the entire Broncos' secondary to the Pro Bowl.

Berry's big season too late for Broncos - Denver Post - Bill Williamson
Friday, February 11, 2005 - The Broncos' defense had two big weaknesses last season: a lack of a pass rush and the inability to create turnovers. There are two Pro Bowlers practicing in Hawaii this week - both former Broncos - who might have helped fill those gaps. Bertrand Berry is representing the Arizona Cardinals after recording 14 1/2 sacks last season, while Tory James of the Cincinnati Bengals intercepted eight passes.

Bailey, Lynch unify secondary in Hawaii - Denver Post - Bill Williamson
Friday, February 11, 2005 - Champ Bailey and John Lynch put their money where their team unity is. Living up to their locker room promises, the two Broncos defensive backs came through on their offer to bring the rest of Denver's secondary with them to the Pro Bowl. Bailey and Lynch are starting for the AFC on Sunday. "I opened my big mouth one day," Lynch said, laughing. "So we had to go through with it."

Legwold: Broncos' off-season salary cap a bit snug - Rocky Mountain News - Jeff Legwold
February 11, 2005 - January in the NFL is about the playoffs, about the chase for the championship, the absolute reason for the regular season. But with the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles having taken care of the last bit of substantial on-field business - Sunday's Pro Bowl is recess, except with a beach - the meat of February and March is on the docket. And in a salary-cap league, those two months really have more to do with who plays in the Super Bowl than almost any other part of the calendar. Those months are about roster building. About maintaining foundations. About filling wants and needs. About managing a team better than the other guys to get a seat at the grown-up table when the season ends. For the Denver Broncos, that means a draft that will have to yield some pop in the pass rush, a player or two to help them use a 3-4 look on defense when they want to, some up-and-comers for the offensive line, especially at guard, and perhaps a receiver.

Restraining order against Broncos player dropped - Rocky Mountain News
February 10, 2005 - A restraining order against Denver Broncos cornerback Willie Middlebrooks was dropped last week, according to court records. But Middlebrooks will still go to trial in May on charges of third-degree assault and harassment for allegedly hitting and trying to choke his girlfriend of four years after they fought on New Year's Day in his Aurora home.

Free Agency Primer: WR, TE - - Bobby Mestas
Thursday, February 10, 2005 - Free agency begins on March 2, and we begin counting down to the start of the signing period with a look at different positions each Tuesday and Thursday leading up to that key date. We'll take a look at the offensive linemen in this year's free-agent crop this coming Tuesday, Feb. 15. The new NFL season doesn't kick off with the draft, the start of training camp, the first preseason game or opening weekend. It begins on March 2 – the first day of the 2005 free agent signing period. Starting that Wednesday, teams around the league can begin making offers to unrestricted free agents, adding pieces to their championship puzzle. As that all-important date approaches, we'll provide a position-by-position preview of the notable players that will be available to the highest bidder. Today, we look at the players hauling in passes from the quarterback -- wide receivers and tight ends.

Broncos in Free Agency: WR, TE - - Andrew Mason
Thursday, February 10, 2005 -The current free-agency structure enters its 13th year this season. Here's a look back at the Broncos' past unrestricted and restricted free-agent signings at wide receiver and tight end and how each fared.

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