Restructured contract for WR Rod Smith

Denver Broncos wide receiver Rod Smith's contract has been restructured. Read about Smith as well as more on the proposed trade of defensive end Trevor Pryce in today's news reports.

Benefits of trade multiple - Denver Post - Bill Williamson
Tuesday, February 15, 2005 - The prospects of parting with their best defensive player over most of the past decade weren't easy to face, but the Broncos say the benefits of trading Trevor Pryce are too much to pass up. Denver believes sending Pryce elsewhere will help it improve through free agency and the draft. The team authorized Pryce's agent, Peter Schaffer, to seek the best situation for the four-time Pro Bowl defensive end after telling him of its plans to shop him in exchange for draft picks.

Pryce line: It's not me - Rocky Mountain News - Lee Rasizer
February 15, 2005 - Trevor Pryce has not been traded yet. It is a possibility apparently only in the discussion stages. But in the defensive lineman's mind, he already is as good as gone from the Denver Broncos after eight seasons, particularly after news the team is shopping him has become public knowledge. "This is not something you come back from," Pryce said Monday. "We'd all look bad if they don't trade me. I look bad. They look bad. And they're dead set. That's fine."

Broncos in Free Agency: Offensive Line - - Andrew Mason
Tuesday, February 15, 2005 - The current free-agency structure enters its 13th year this season. Here's a look back at the Broncos' past unrestricted and restricted free-agent signings along the offensive line and how each fared.

2005 Free Agency Primer: Offensive Line - - James Merilatt
Tuesday, February 15, 2005 - The new NFL season doesn't kick off with the draft, the start of training camp, the first preseason game or opening weekend. It begins on March 2 -- the first day of the 2005 free agent signing period. Starting that Wednesday, teams around the league can begin making offers to unrestricted free agents, adding pieces to their championship puzzle. As that all-important date approaches, we'll provide a position-by-position preview of the notable players that will be available to the highest bidder. Today, we look at the players battling for the offense in the trenches -- centers, guards and tackles.

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