Plummer contract reworked

The Denver Broncos have restructured quarterback Jake Plummer's contract, according to reports in today's news. The new contract will help the Broncos with their salary cap as well as solidify Plummer's position as quarterback of the present and future.

Denver restructures Plummer's contract - Denver Post - Bill Williamson
Friday, February 18, 2005 - Jake Plummer's future with the Broncos is secure. The quarterback joined other key veterans in agreeing to restructure contracts to help the team in free agency. The Broncos and Plummer agreed to tweak his contract to help create salary-cap room, although Plummer eventually will receive all of the salary and option bonus money he originally agreed to, general manager Ted Sundquist said. Plummer is likely to receive the majority of the $6 million option bonus this year then get the remainder next year. His $3.3 million base salary may be adjusted to help the team.

Legwold: Defenses switching to that '70s show - Rocky Mountain News - Jeff Legwold
February 18, 2005 - Houston Texans coach Dom Capers always has said one of the things he enjoys most about using a 3-4 defense, besides roughing up a quarterback or two, was "not a lot of other people were doing it, so we could just get the players we wanted." Well, there will be a lot more folks at the party this season.

Making the Pieces Fit - - Andrew Mason
Friday, February 18, 2005 - Jake Plummer, John Lynch, Rod Smith, Tom Nalen. All but one have recent Pro Bowls on their résumés. All are cornerstones of the Broncos' plans for 2005. And fortunately for the Broncos, all were amenable to contract restructures, which came together throughout a week at Dove Valley that was quiet on the surface but hectic behind the scenes. "I can't begin to tell you how much that's going to help us," General Manager Ted Sundquist said. "Those guys are not only important to us on the field; they're leaders off the field. They took some big steps to help us out." The restructures are at different stages, but all are close to completion.

2005 Free Agency Primer: Defensive Linemen - Denver - Bobby Mestas
Thursday, February 17, 2005 - The new NFL season doesn't kick off with the draft, the start of training camp, the first preseason game or opening weekend. It begins on March 2 -- the first day of the 2005 free agent signing period. Starting that Wednesday, teams around the league can begin making offers to unrestricted free agents, adding pieces to their championship puzzle. As that all-important date approaches, we'll provide a position-by-position preview of the notable players that will be available to the highest bidder. Today, we look at the players battling for the defense in the trenches -- d-ends and d-tackles.

2005 Free Agency Primer: Defensive Linemen - - Andrew Mason
Thursday, February 17, 2005 - The current free-agency structure enters its 13th year this season. Here's a look back at the Broncos' past unrestricted and restricted free-agent signings along the defensive line and how each fared.

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