2005 Free Agent Cornerbacks

In a continuing series, we take a look at which cornerbacks are on the free agency market this year. The Denver Broncos' Kelly Herndon (in photo), is in this group. Check out our ratings on the top free agent cornerbacks as well as updates on all the unrestricted free agents.

2005 Free-Agent Cornerbacks

A listing of the cornerbacks scheduled for NFL free agency in 2005. UFA=Unrestricted Free Agent; RFA=Restricted Free Agent; ERFA=Exclusive Rights Free Agent. For definitions of free-agent terms, click here. The "Best of the Bunch" is sorted by rankings from Coltsinsider.com's Brent Foshee. The "Rest of the Bunch" is sorted by free-agent type, then by most recent team. Comments provided for unrestricted free agents.
Player Free-Agent Type 2004 Team
Charles Woodson UFA Raiders
Woodson, simply put, is one of the top cornerbacks in the game.  While the Raiders don't much want him back he is the lesser of two highly talented cornerback evils and has been named the teams franchise player.
Fred Smoot UFA Redskins
Smoot is certainly a player on the rise in the eyes of most league observers.  In the past he has rebuffed overtures from the Redskins for a contract extension and looks poised to cash in big as a free agent.
Gary Baxter UFA Ravens
 Word is that the Ravens are planning on using their franchise tag on Baxter despite him coming off of a sub-par season in 2004.  Baxter is a big phyical cornerback who if he is not tagged will get plenty of action early.
Ken Lucas UFA Seahawks
 Ken Lucas continues to fly under the radar screen, much like he has done over his entire career in Seattle.  Lucas offers great size and speed and someone will sign him early.
Brian Williams RFA Vikings
Aaron Beasley UFA Falcons
 Though Beasley is getting long in the tooth he provides a veteran cornerback with years of experience as a starter for a team that needs a veteran in teh mix.
Renaldo Hill UFA Cardinals
 In 2003 Renaldo Hill was the talk of the Cardinals and looked poised to strike it big.  He apparantly is not in Coach Dennis Greens long term plans though and he looks like he will play elsewhere in 2005.
Allen Rossum UFA Falcons
 Rossum will be a hot commodity moreso because of his special teams skills then his coverage skills.
Terrell Buckley UFA Jets
 Buckley could fit in as a veteran dimeback with a team looking to make a playoff run.
Nick Harper UFA Colts
 Harper is one of the Colts best cornerbacks but he is also protected by the Colts cover two scheme.  Indianapolis wants him back but knows not to overpay to get him.
Lenny Walls RFA Broncos
Jason Craft UFA Saints
Craft has been a disappointment in New Orleans.
Kelly Herndon RFA Broncos
Andre Dyson UFA Titans
 While Dyson is not a great cornerback he does have the skills to be one.  A new home might benefit him.
Player Free-Agent Type 2004 Team
 Todd McMillon UFA Bears
 McMillon will be an afterthought in free agency.
Jimmy Spencer UFA Broncos
 Spencer might move to the coaching ranks full time now.
Anthony Henry UFA Browns
 The Browns like Henry but remained puzzled by him.  He will likely sign elsewhere.
Lewis Sanders UFA Browns
 Sanders offers prototype size and skills but has not lived up to expectations.
Corey Ivy UFA Bucs
 Ivy could get on as a 9th defensive back somewhere.
Michael Stone UFA Cardinals
 Stone can play safety as well.
Robert Tate UFA Cardinals
 Tate could resign in Arizona as a backup.
Tyrone Williams UFA Falcons
 Williams is on his last legs but might find a team willing to take a chance on him.
Kevin Mathis UFA Falcons
 Offers depth and special teams play.
Jimmy Wyrick UFA Dolphins
 Wyrick might generate some surprising interest.
Kiwaukee Thomas UFA Jaguars
 Thomas never developed for the Jaguars.
Danion Sidney UFA Lions
 Sidney can also play safety.
Jason Horton UFA Packers
 Horton will try and move on to greener pastures.
William Hampton UFA Panthers
 Hampton has resigned with the Panthers.
Dale Carter UFA Ravens
 Carter might have to retire.
Deion Sanders UFA Ravens
 The Ravens probably want to keep Sanders.
Raymond Walls UFA  Ravens
 Walls will be a competant backup.
Pat Dennis UFA  Redskins
 Dennis has good size and little else.
Willie Williams UFA  Steelers
 The Steelers would probably like to keep Williams but they will not overpay for him.
Jason Bell UFA  Texans
 Bell is a depth player.
Jason Simmons UFA Texans
Simmons will resign if he can.
Kenny Wright UFA Texans
Wright will likely stay in Houston.
Derek Ross UFA Vikings
 Ross is talented but his reputation may keep teams away.
Pete Hunter RFA Cowboys
Dante Wesley RFA Panthers
Andre Goodman RFA Lions
Chris Cash RFA Lions
Rhett Nelson RFA Vikings
Kris Richard RFA Seahawks
Kevin Thomas RFA Bills
Reggie Myles RFA Bengals
Rashad Bauman RFA Bengals
DeMarcus Faggins RFA Texans
Joesph Jefferson RFA Colts
Donald Strickland RFA Colts

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