Schon: Rumors, Rants & Raves 3/14/05

Denver Broncos running back Reuben Droughns finds team shopping isn't as easy as it looks, Broncos Update Columnist Schon takes on the Raider Nation and Plaxio Burress plays the Sports Agent Carousel.

There's really no place like home.

Unless of course you're Denver Broncos running back Reuben Droughns, and you've got a high-profile agent named Drew Rosenhaus actively shopping for a new crib, a guaranteed starting position and a hefty chunk of cash tossed in just to sweeten the deal.

Unfortunately the pair is not finding the market as open to change as they originally thought, and with today's glut of name talent on the NFL's free agency menu, Droughns finds himself dropping from a main course into the appetizer category.

It's the big fish, in an even bigger pond quandary, and early indications are Droughns will once again suit it up at Dove Valley, forced to earn the starting position against the likes of Mike Anderson, Tatum Bell and Quentin Griffin.

Then again, with an agent like Rosenhaus calling the shots, nothing would surprise me. Maybe a year spent as a starter on a team whose highest hopes would be reaching a .500 level, would be ok with a little extra cash in your pocket.

Enough Already
Can't I get just one day without someone e-mailing me about former Minnesota Bad Boy Randy Moss being sentenced to the Oakland Raiders?

It's not like it was a shock or anything, considering almost every other team in the entire National Football League publicly announced they weren't interested in the controversial receiver, the Raiders became the perfect fit, baggage, hairdo and all.

Face it, is anyone in Oakland even going to care if Moss decides to take a hike before the game is actually finished, or decides to drop trough in the middle of the Black Hole?

There's absolutely nothing Moss could do that would shock, surprise or even embarrass the beer guzzling, battery throwing, costumed parolees otherwise known as the Raider Nation, unless of course he comes up with something they haven't seen in quite a while, like a winning record, a spot in the playoffs, a division title or a shot at the Big One.

I hate to break it to you – but it's not going to happen. It will be interesting though to see how many defensive coordinators in the AFC West are spending their off-season frantically scheming to find ways to defend the threat of a Kerry Collins to Randy Moss connection.

Full Circle
Former Denver Broncos backup quarterback Gus Frerotte is visiting Dove Valley today, weighing out his options of possibly returning to the fold behind starter Jake Plummer.

The twelve-year veteran, highly noted as the only quarterback in NFL history to injure himself while head butting a concrete wall, also visited the Miami Dolphins last week in hopes of landing a starting spot there, but Dolphins General Manager Rick Spielman is apparently stuck on A.J. Feeley, and would only consider Frerotte in a backup position.

If all else fails, the unrestricted free agent would be willing to return to the Minnesota Vikings as their number two - man, but that's now become complicated with the Vikings interest in former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Brad Johnson.

Rest assured, the thirty-three year old Frerotte will undoubtedly find himself holding the clipboard somewhere in the NFL for 2005.

The Rosenhaus Carousel
Unrestricted free agent Plaxico Burress has fired agent Michael Harrison and replaced him with Drew Rosenhaus, a move that may help in rekindle negotiations with the New York Giants.

New York officials met with the former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver last week and were less than impressed from the on-set, when Burress called in sick for his first scheduled meeting, arrived late for his re-scheduled meeting then refused to take a team physical examination.

Despite the ego-driven attitude, the Giants did offer Burress a six-year, $24 million contract that included a two-tiered bonus totaling $8 million. Under Harrison the request was initially seeking $30 million with a bonus of at least $12 million.

Even with Rosenhaus at the helm, Burress will be unable to sign with any NFL team until next week, due to a Players Association rule that prevents a player from officially hiring a new agent until five days after firing his old one. As of Saturday Harrison was still representing Burress.

After leaving a visit with Minnesota without a firm offer in hand, and very little interest being shown from other teams around the league, the Giants may hold the upper hand in the former Michigan State star's sweepstakes.

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