Jake's our Guy - Deal With it!

Considering you can't pilot a professional football team without someone to throw the ball, Bronco fans better start warming up to the fact that Jake "The Snake" Plummer is now our quarterback

Every Denver Bronco fan will admit we were spoiled with John Elway at the helm. Who will ever forget his numerous last minute historic drives, the two Super Bowl wins, league and Super bowl MVPs, or the 51,000 plus passing yards, but now it's time to realize John's gone, and he's never coming back. So considering you can't pilot a professional football team without someone to throw the ball to the wide receivers, or call the plays on the field, Bronco fans better start warming up to the fact that Jake "The Snake" Plummer is now our quarterback.

I sit in many of Denver's local sports bars listening to wanna-be ESPN analyzers talking about how Jake Plummer is, or never will be the right man for the job in Denver. My response to those swamis of the 2 for 1 draught beer is well, who do you suggest?

Should Denver invite back the emotionless robot Brian Greise who had the arm strength of a little league baseball pitcher? Better yet, why don't we give Tommy Maddox a call since his job seems to be a little in jeopardy at the moment. My suggestion is, why don't we give Jake one more year before we take him out to the parking lot of Invseco Field and stone him to death.

Let's try and remember that this is only his third year in a very complicated offensive system that took even John Elway time to adjust to. He also is limited in the weapons he can use, which include, one consistent, but aging wide receiver (Rod Smith), a 300 lb tight end (Dwayne Carswell), a number two wide receiver ( Ashley Lelie) that to this point has just started to show flashes of brilliance, third and fourth wide receivers that could double as dancing poles at Shotgun Willies, not to mention a running back core that despite good combined numbers in 2004, is as unstable as your hard earned paycheck in the hands of an Enron accountant.

So lets be honest, he hasn't had the line up of the Colts to work with, which by the way just so happens to be the team that keeps adding to the reputation as a perennial loser that Jake has carried with him his whole NFL career.

What Jake needs is a pass rush, and just a little retooling of the offense. This includes not putting our best defensive lineman on the trading block. As a matter of fact, why don't the Broncos mortgage the farm to acquire a friend for Mr. Pryce, such as, Corey Simon. Until we can do more than give the opposing QB's a nasty look, it doesn't matter who's throwing the pigskin for the Broncos.

Some other proposed suggestions include, pushing Lelie a little harder in mini camps and during the summer to be the best receiver he can possibly be, see Rod Smith's "How to Succeed in the NFL" handbook. Oh yeah, and since Carswell's around 300lbs anyways, wouldn't he be better utilized on the offensive line, especially since Dan Neil might be departing.

Oh no! Now we have an opening at the TE spot! No worries, who better to give the permanent role to than the fleet footed Jeb Putzier? Jeb would most definitely give opposing defenses someone else to worry about. Above all else, pray that the running backs stay healthy all year. In light of these suggestions that I've made, not once did I mention canning a quarterback who threw for over 4000-yards and 27 touchdowns, and not once did I suggest going to the already depleted talent pool that is the position of quarterback in the NFL.

Denver, Jake's our guy, so deal with it!

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