Plummer predicts playoffs

Denver Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer is looking forward to a deeper run in the playoffs next season. Read Plummer's comments to the media in today's news

Elway: Plummer primed to shine - Denver Post - Patrick Saunders
Wednesday, April 13, 2005 - Jake Plummer is not a kid anymore. Despite his ability to frolic outside the pocket, his penchant for casual, college-style clothes and a baby face that emerged once he shaved his beard, the Broncos quarterback has entered NFL adulthood. Plummer, who turned 30 on Dec. 19, will begin his ninth season in the NFL and third in Denver. Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway predicts it will be Plummer's best.

Plummer: Broncos will return to playoffs - Rocky Mountain News - Lee Rasizer
April 13, 2005 - It was during the Denver Broncos' free-agent courtship of Courtney Brown that quarterback Jake Plummer first voiced the attitude that apparently permeated the team's locker room during off-season workouts this month. While considering whether to join the Broncos, Brown said he was tired of the teams he played on failing to make the playoffs. No worries, Plummer replied, that is not a chief concern for the Broncos. "We know we're going to get to the playoffs this year," Plummer boldly said Tuesday in retelling the story during an informal sit-down with Denver media. "Now it's a matter of getting past the first round."

Plummer sees better days ahead - Mercury News - Frank Schwab
Tue, Apr. 12, 2005 - Jake Plummer has made the playoffs twice in his two seasons as the Denver Broncos' quarterback, and said he expects to make it three-for-three this year. "We know we're going to get to the playoffs this year," Plummer said Tuesday. "Now it's just a matter of getting past that first round." Plummer said he's excited about the additions on defense and thought Denver would use the draft to add to the offense. "We have the same core of leaders, the same guys that have been here for many years and some new additions, so we're excited about the prospects," Plummer said. "If everything goes right, we should definitely be there (in the playoffs)."

Plummer: 'We Know We're Going to Get to the Playoffs' - - Andrew Mason
Tuesday, April 12, 2005 - Where Jake Plummer once was, the playoffs were the rarest of occurrences. The one season in which he led Arizona to the postseason was the franchise's only playoff trip of the past 22 seasons, and came after finishing 9-7 -- a modest record, but still the best the Cardinals franchise has achieved in a 16-game schedule. "I went through many years (out of the playoffs); we went one time in six years," Plummer said. "It's tough. You came to Jan. 1 every year, and you watched all those other teams play and you wondered why you're not doing that." In the past two years, that wondering has ceased.

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