2005 NFL Draft Quotes - Karl Paymah

Mike Shanahan and cornerback Karl Paymah discuss the teams' second draft pick from Day One


On 2005 third-round draft choice (76th overall) CB Karl PaymahWashington State
"We felt very good about him from the start. Good one-on-one cover skills, very quick, good size. He's one of those corners that can play outside, bump coverage, man-on-man. He has great speed and great length. He was a two-year starter and the one thing that you can't substitute is that speed. We feel like we have a corner that is pretty physical on the outside, pretty good size and possibly a corner, even though he is a little bit shorter, he still has the ability to play outside. But we think he fits in well in the nickel package."

On Paymah's speed in the 40-yard dash
"He was in that 4.33-4.34 range. Two clocks got him at 4.32. Two clocks got him at 4.34."


On where he was when he was selected by the Broncos in the 2005 NFL Draft
"I'm down in New Orleans with my family. It's unbelievable. It's a day I've pretty much been waiting for all my life, and it finally came. It's just great. I have all my family around me. They are all happy, and that's like the best thing."

On if he expected to be selected in the first day of the draft
"Yeah, I expected to hear my name, but it was just chaotic because I didn't know what team was going to pick me. I left my room and went outside for a little while, and that's when I got the call. So I was surprised."

On what his strengths are
"Pretty much my size and my speed. I'm focused and an educated corner. I'm going to bring a lot to the table because I am going to come in hungry and ready to play."

On what he thinks of Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey
"He's the greatest corner, one of the best corners out there. I try to pattern my game on him."

On how much competing in track helped him in running a good 40-time at the Combine
"It helped me out a lot, tremendously. A lot of teams felt that I was slow, and I didn't know where they were getting that from because I never ran for them. I had that track background, so I already new I was fast and all I had to do was come out and prove it for teams and that's what I did."

On if he was surprised with how well he ran the 40 at the Combine
"I was surprised, really, because at the Combine it is a lot of head games because we got ready to run and we had to sit and wait another five hours. Mentally, I was drained but I just calmed down and stayed focus right before my run."

On what his goal is for his rookie year in the NFL
"I am trying to help the team. I'm trying to get on the field. I'm not ready to be on the bench. I am going to be there willing to learn, but I am trying to be out there in the nickel or fighting for a special spot to be on the field contributing, right away, off the bat. Special teams, whatever I have to do."

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