2005 NFL Draft Quotes - Darrent Williams

Denver Broncos coach Mike Shanahan comments on the selection of cornerback/return specialist Darrent Williams of Oklahoma State.

Coach Mike Shanahan comments on cornerback Darrent Williams

On 2005 second-round draft choice (56th overall) CB Darrent Williams - Oklahoma State

"We really feel that he can help us, No. 1, in special teams. Any time you have a guy that is a punt returner and a kickoff returner, a guy that has the speed to cover on punts and kickoffs, you feel like you've got a guy that can come in right away and help your football team. The question mark is `how long does it take a defensive back to come in and work within your system and feel comfortable with it?' You can never answer those questions, but you can answer the question `Can a guy return punts and kickoffs?' That was one of the areas last year that I thought we needed to improve on was our field position. We were very average in the special teams area, and hopefully he will come in and help us."

On Williams' ability to return both kickoffs and punts

It's very easy to do kickoffs for a guy that has returned punts throughout his career. A lot of times in college, with a starter, they don't want to overplay you. Sometimes, they'll just man punts, sometime they'll just man kickoffs. Fortunately, (Williams) has had a great average on his punt returns. He's got excellent hands, and he enjoys doing it. A guy that enjoys doing punts, kickoffs are a little bit easier because it's much easier to catch the ball. We are going to bring him in and ask him to do both, and hopefully it is a big plus in our special teams area."

On Williams' abilities

"He's got excellent speed. There's not too many guys out there that run the 40 at Indy in a 4.3. Those people are few and far between. To be a very aggressive tackler on defense? He's a very physical guy even though he is not very tall. But he's very aggressive and he's very physical. A guy that does that can help you in your nickel package. We'll see what he can do on the outside, but more importantly, he was fearless when he returned punts and kickoffs. In due time, we'll find out if he helps out."

Comments by Darrent Williams

On Williams' right forearm injury suffered in 2004

"He broke the radius in his arm. It's recovered very similar to the injury that (Broncos safety) Nick Ferguson had against Indy (2003). It's well though. We got him in here a couple weeks ago and had a chance to sit down and talk to him and get a good feel for him as a person. After we had a chance to sit down with him, we determined that if he was going to be there, we were going to take him."

On where he was when he heard the Broncos selected him in the second round of the 2005 NFL Draft

"I was actually in a hotel room when I got the message. My heart just dropped. Words can't really describe it. I've never had this feeling ever in my life. I can't even describe how I feel."

On his skills as a punt and kick returner

"I think I can come in and contribute right away next season. Being a starter on kick returns and punt returns, I feel like I was a dual threat in the draft, anyway, one of the few dual threats. I think I come right now and contribute as a returner. I think that was one of the main reasons that Denver picked me at the position they picked me at."

On his relationship with Broncos running back and former Oklahoma State teammate Tatum Bell

"Me and Tatum are real good friends. I talked to Tatum yesterday, and a couple of weeks ago, he came back home down to Texas, and (we) spent some time together and talked a lot."

On if he thought the Broncos would select him

"Me and Tatum talked about that. If the Broncos picked me up, me and him would be on the same team again, like college days."

On if contributing at cornerback as a rookie will be difficult

"Not for me at all. A lot of people knock my height, and they are going to always knock my height, but I play with all heart. I feel like I was one of the best corners in this draft. I place myself right there at the top with all of them. It's good that this draft is over with because now we are all back on the same level. We are all starting over again. We all have to prove ourselves again, so we'll see how everybody ends up."

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