Foxworth news conference

Maryland's Domonique Foxworth was the Denver Broncos' second pick in the third round. Foxworth comments on going to the Broncos.

On the Broncos drafting three cornerbacks in a row in the first day of the 2005 NFL Draft

"I was very surprised. I've had many visits in the past couple of weeks and met with a lot of teams. The Broncos weren't one of the teams that I talked to heavily. I was shocked that they drafted me when they did."

On playing his rookie season

"That isn't my decision; it's up to the coaching staff. I'm just going to come in and show them what I can do. Hopefully I can participate and contribute as much as possible."

On what he brings to CB position

"I think I am a very smart player. I know a lot about the game and I think it is important for a corner being how complex offenses are these days. That is one of my main attributes and I think it is important."

On his college degree

"I got my degree in American Studies. I finished both high school and my college degree in 3.5 years. I was always around working out during summers and winters so I would take classes. About midway through, I did the math and figured out that I was on course to graduate early."

On applying his degree

"It's a sociology of American culture. I found out a lot about community service needs, what black communities need. So, I spent a lot of my free time in college setting up mentoring programs and other community service related activities. This something that I am interested in continuing."

On if he thought he would go earlier in the Draft

"I was surprised that I went as late as I did, but I'm just happy to be somewhere where I am wanted and for Coach (Mike) Shanahan to say that he was surprised that I was still there tells me that he has some respect for my ability. That tells me a lot about them being happy that I am here."

On whether he played inside or outside in college

"It doesn't make a difference. At Maryland, Coach (Gary) Blackney (Maryland's defensive coordinator/secondary coach) had fairly complex scheme, for college. At different times I would be lined up at the safety, I would line up at the nickel back, but I played corner."

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