Broncos News Briefs - Thursday, April 28

Former Denver Broncos running back Reuben Droughns has left the Cleveland Browns training complex and is asking for more money. Read about the Droughns situation in today's news reports.

Cornered into picks by Walls situation - Denver Post - Jim Armstrong
Thursday, April 28, 2005 - Don't know about you, but if the Broncos just had selected a couple more cornerbacks, I could have gotten excited about their draft. OK, so I'm kidding. The Bronx picked corners with their first three picks: one in the second and two in the third round. And for all we know, they would have picked more in the fourth and fifth, too, if they hadn't traded those picks. So what gives? Why did they go for so many corners after drafting two last year (Jeremy LeSueur and Jeff Shoate) and keeping an undrafted free agent (Roc Alexander) on their roster?

Droughns set to bolt Browns without deal - Denver Post - Bill Williamson
Thursday, April 28, 2005 - Reuben Droughns is back in town, less than a month after being traded by the Broncos to Cleveland. He's threatening to hold out from his new team if the final two years on his contract aren't restructured. Droughns, who rushed for 1,240 yards last season with the Broncos, told The Cleveland Plain Dealer he left the Browns' offseason workout program and won't return until he has a new contract. He said he is working out in Denver on his own. "I'm not being greedy, and I'm not looking for beaucoup bucks," Droughns said in Wednesday's paper. "But what the Browns are telling me is that what I did last year doesn't mean diddly squat to them."

NFL behind steroid rules - Rocky Mountain News
April 28, 2005 - A law establishing uniform drug-testing rules for major U.S. sports would be a mistake, NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue told Congress on Wednesday, while defending his league's steroid policy under questioning from lawmakers who were far less adversarial than during a baseball hearing last month. "We don't feel that there is rampant cheating in our sport," Tagliabue told the House Government Reform Committee. Members of the panel asked whether the size of NFL players today is evidence of steroid use, they criticized football's penalties as too lenient, and they asked whether amphetamines should be banned and when there will be tests for growth hormone.

First Glitch on the Honeymoon - - Les Levine
Apr 28, 2005 - Reuben Droughns makes about a million dollars a year. While this would be a lot for most folks, it apparently is not what he and his agent feels he should be paid, leading a challenging situation for the Browns new braintrust. Les Levine takes a look at the situation

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