Broncos News Briefs - Saturday, May 28

Denver Broncos coach Mike Shanahan is giving a second chance to a number of players he signed in the off-season. Read about it in today's news reports.

For Shanahan, it's no gray area - Rocky Mountain News - Jeff Legwold
May 28, 2005 - The Denver Broncos still will trot out in their traditional orange and blue togs this fall. It's just that they've added more than a little gray to the color scheme. While most teams doing business in the NFL's salary-cap era don't trust many players over 30, Broncos coach Mike Shanahan has dived headlong into the pursuit of experience this off-season. The latest catch is wide receiver Jerry Rice, a future Hall of Famer who will enter his 21st season and turn 43 on Oct. 13. He has joined a list of six players expected to make the team's final 53-man roster who are at least 30 years old and were either acquired or re- signed by the Broncos over the past three months.

Taking shot at ex-teammate costs Romanowski $415,000 - Rocky Mountain News
May 28, 2005 - Former Oakland Raiders teammates Marcus Williams and Bill Romanowski are settling their legal dispute. Williams sued his former teammate after getting hit in the face by Romanowski during a practice drill in 2003. The pair announced Friday that Romanowski is agreeing to pay $415,000 to resolve the litigation. Williams' career ended after his eye socket was broken by Romanowski, who ripped off Williams' helmet during a practice drill and hit him in the face. Romanowski, a longtime member of the Denver Broncos, retired that year, and a jury in March ordered him to pay Williams $340,000 in damages.

Broncos becoming a second-chance team -
May 28, 2005 - The tailback is one of the most divisive figures in the history of college football. The punter has issues — with the law, with steroids and, believe it or not, with a family of kickers. Most recently, Jerry Rice came into the fold. The Oakland Raiders used to have the market cornered on players in need of a second chance. This offseason, though, it's the Denver Broncos taking chances on the aging, the troubled and the difficult. Although none of the players — Rice, Maurice Clarett and Todd Sauerbrun, to name a few — is costing the Broncos much in terms of money or draft picks, there are other risks involved. Most notably, the Denver locker room could be one of the most scrutinized in the league this season, full of big names and big personalities. How the new guys fit in, and how the players react to possible distractions, could play a big role in how well the Broncos do in 2005. "I have no concerns," coach Mike Shanahan said. "These are professionals and I expect them to act as professionals."

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