Broncos News Briefs - Tuesday, May 31

Read about Denver Broncos second year quarterback Bradlee Van Pelt in today's news stories. Also - D.J. Williams and Ian Gold will be splitting time at weak side linebacker.

Van Pelt tones down act - Fort Collins Coloradoan - TonyPhifer
May 29, 2005 - Brace yourself, Bradlee Van Pelt fans. The colorful quarterback is undergoing a makeover. Nothing drastic, really. He still has the long, unruly hair and the colorful language. Flip-flops remain his footwear preference and, as always, dressing up means pulling a pair of sweats over his standard shorts and T-shirt. But those raucous romps on the Colorado slopes on his snowboard? History. He still goes to the lake to water ski but spends all of his time in the boat, not skimming across on the water. And he hasn't mixed it up on the basketball court in months. "I'm trying to get the real Bradlee Van Pelt to stand up," he said Thursday after the conclusion of the Denver Broncos' eight-day spring quarterback camp. "I have to kind of re-invent myself."

Adams: Montana knows all about pressure - Rocky Mountain News - Sam Adams
May 31, 2005 - I have always thought of Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana as one in a million. Turns out he and I are two of a kind - as in two of more than 65 million Americans who suffer from high blood pressure. Montana was in Denver last week, along with cardiologist James Rippe, to promote the "Take Action for Healthy BP" national campaign. May was designated National High Blood Pressure Education Month. Montana was diagnosed with hypertension in 2002. Rippe seemed pleased after seeing my bottle of Lotrel - the same medication used by Montana to control his blood pressure. Statistics indicate more than 34 percent of Colorado residents age 55 to 64 have been told by a health-care professional they have hypertension.

Broncos Observe Armed Forces Day - - Mike Sarro
Monday, May 30, 2005 -The fact that the Broncos were in the midst of an eight-day quarterback camp didn't hinder Jake Plummer's drive to honor members of the United States Armed Forces. On Saturday, May 21, Plummer was joined by teammates John Lynch, Bradlee Van Pelt, Danny Kanell, Nate Jackson, Louis Green, Charlie Adams, Tyler Fredrickson, Josh Sewell, Kyle Johnson, Chukie Nwokorie and Mike Leach in observing Armed Forces Day with a trip to Ft. Carson to visit the1st Battalion Team, 4th Infantry Division. "It's just a good way to show them that we appreciate whet they're doing," said Plummer. "I know a lot of them have probably been there for a long time and are ready to get home and see their families."

Broncos definitely stirring the pot - Denver Post - Woody Paige
05/29/2005 - We are curious orange. With all the subtlety of a blacksmith welding a hammer and an anvil, the Broncos indeed have gotten our attention. They may not be that great, but they will be interesting. Maurice Clarett? Mike Shanahan seemed to be following the lead of Col. Frank Slade in "Scent of a Woman," who said he was just getting started. Recently I read an evaluation by an NFL expert who claimed the Broncos' draft was the worst. Then, another account suggested that the Broncos had the league's worst offseason free-agent acquisitions.

Rice deserves time to play - Denver Post - Patrick Saunders
05/29/2005 - A No. 1 hit on the Billboard music chart was "Careless Whisper," by Wham! featuring George Michael. Madonna was big that year, too. Her "Like a Virgin" tour was sweeping the nation, inspiring legions of young girls to dress up - well, not like virgins. Her opening act was the Beastie Boys. The year's hot movies were "Back to the Future," "The Breakfast Club," "Rocky IV" (the one with the evil Russian) and that ultimate chick flick, "Out of Africa." "Miami Vice," was television's fashion trendsetter, making it somehow necessary for grown men to wear pastel sport jackets, boat shoes and no socks. It was also the season Chicago rumbled to its first Super Bowl title. Remember "The Super Bowl Shuffle"? Remember William "The Refrigerator" Perry? He sang: "You're lookin' at the Fridge, I'm the rookie. I may be large, but I'm no dumb cookie." Thankfully, not much remains from 1985. But Jerry Rice does.

Picking sides no easy task for Gold, Williams - Denver Post - Patrick Saunders
05/28/2005 - In 2004, Broncos freewheeling, playmaking linebacker D.J. Williams was a star in the making, finishing third in the voting for defensive rookie of the year. In 2002, Broncos third-year linebacker Ian Gold was a lightning-fast, havoc-wreaking star in the making. He had 166 tackles and 6 1/2 sacks. In 2005, the Broncos have both linebackers on their roster. That's the good news. The bad news? Both prefer playing weakside linebacker as opposed to the less glamorous, blue-collar job of anchoring the strong side.

NFL-style combine taps preps' potential - Denver Post - Brady Delander
05/28/2005 - For half a day Saturday, 100 high school football players from across the state were treated like professionals at the Broncos' Dove Valley headquarters. The treatment did not come with such luxuries as steak dinners or a Jacuzzi and rubdown, but instead involved NFL-style testing that included the 40-yard dash, bench-press reps and the three-cone drill. Friday, May 27, 2005

Wide Receivers Coach Steve Watson Answers Your QB Camp Questions -
05/28/2005 - Steve Watson wore the orange and blue for nine seasons in Denver. He played in two Super Bowls, was named to one Pro Bowl, had three 1,000-yard seasons and still is perched among the leaders in many of the club's receiving categories. He retired after the 1987 season but returned to the organization in 2000 as a coaching intern. He was hired as a defensive assistant in 2001 and in 2003 he took on the position of wide receivers coach. Heading into the 2005 season he will now have the opportunity to work with Jerry Rice, the NFL's all-time greatest wide receiver after Rice agreed to a contract with the club this week. Not to be forgotten though, are Rod Smith and Ashley Lelie who are slotted into the starting roles for the club. They are accompanied by a number of young players including: Grant Mattos, B.J. Johnson, Triandos Luke, Romar Crenshaw, Charlie Adams, Nate Jackson, Todd Devoe and Darius Watts. Despite the fact that none of these players have more than three years of experience in the league, the team is looking forward to those that step up in the 2005 season as each has the potential to do so. As the team's annual quarterback camp concluded this week, Watson made time to answer your questions.

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