Mini-camp begins

The Denver Broncos' mini-camp began Thursday amid excitement over the arrival of wide receiver Jerry Rice. Read about Rice's reception in today's news reports.

Idol worship comes with price for young receivers - Denver Post - Thomas George
06/02/2005 - Jerry Rice walked into the Broncos' locker room around 8 Wednesday morning and Rod Smith brought him over to several of the younger receivers for introductions. Three of them - Triandos Luke, B.J. Johnson and Romar Crenshaw - joined the Broncos last year. Luke was a sixth-round draft pick who played in 11 games. Johnson and Crenshaw were free-agent finds. Johnson spent last year on injured reserve. Crenshaw was on the practice squad. Luke is 23, Johnson 22, Crenshaw 24. Rice will be 43 on Oct. 13.

Broncos receive Rice - Denver Post - Patrick Saunders
06/02/2005 - Andre Reed couldn't do it. Neither could Robert Brooks or Rob Moore. But Jerry Rice, who turns 43 on Oct. 13, says he can help the Broncos. "I still want to play football," Rice said Wednesday after his debut practice with the team. "I still want to be able to run out on the field and hear the cheers and do all that. Plus, I wouldn't be out here if I couldn't play, if I couldn't bring something to the table. That's what I'm hoping to do here in Denver." But according to coach Mike Shanahan, there are no guarantees Rice will be Denver's third, fourth or even fifth wide receiver. Bottom line: The most prolific receiver in NFL history must earn a roster spot.

Rice at home in new jersey with No. 19 - Denver Post - Patrick Saunders
06/02/2005 - Jerry Rice became the most prolific receiver in NFL history wearing jersey No. 80. He set 18 NCAA Division II records wearing No. 88 for Mississippi Valley State. But Rod Smith, the leading receiver in Broncos history, wears No. 80. And No. 88 is worn by tight end Jeb Putzier. So Rice went shopping for another number that would look good on him in orange and blue. With a little help from his 9-year-old daughter, Jada, he came up with No. 19.

Rice: 80 going on 19 - Rocky Mountain News - Jeff Legwold
June 2, 2005 - In the staggering, ever-growing pile of numbers that constitute Jerry Rice's football career, he added another Wednesday. No. 19. And, sporting new colors to go with a new jersey number, Rice went through his first day of work at the Denver Broncos' Dove Valley complex as a low-key future Hall of Famer just trying to make himself at home. "It's definitely a thrill, it was a thrill for everybody," Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer said. "Just to kind of be around him. . . . I'll be interested to see how some of these young guys react. I know it brought a little out in me. I was trying a little harder to be a little more accurate because that's what you do when you're around this kind of guy. He raises everybody."

Krieger: Rice answers some age-old questions - Rocky Mountain News - Dave Krieger
June 2, 2005 - As soon as I saw Jerry Rice up close, I knew we had a lot in common. "Is that a couple of gray hairs in the beard?" I asked. "Oh, yeah, man," he said cheerfully. "That's just wisdom right there. That's all that is." My sentiments exactly. Look, the man is 42. He can relate to those of us dealing with middle age much better than all those kindergartners in camp with him. While I had the opportunity, I felt I should get a word or two of advice.

Rice starting anew in Denver - Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
June 2, 2005 - Coach Mike Shanahan welcomed him with open arms. Some of the Broncos shook his hand with dropped jaws. Jerry Rice made his Denver debut on Wednesday, taking the field with his new team for the first time to begin the latest three-day camp here, wearing a new number for the first time in his career. And so the 42-year-old Rice's quest to play a 21st NFL season begins.

New Team, New Number for Rice - - Andrew Mason
Wednesday, June 1, 2005 - When Jerry Rice stepped into the Broncos' locker room for the first time Wednesday morning, he paused while he scanned the jersey that hung in his locker. The colors were unfamiliar, but he was used to that; the Broncos are his fourth team in as many years. What could have been jarring was the new number -- 19, taking him from his familiar No. 80 for the first time in a two-decade NFL career. Not so. "It looks pretty good, doesn't it?"

2005 NFL Europe League Week 9 Recap -
Wednesday, June 1, 2005 - The participants for World Bowl XIII are now set -- The Berlin Thunder and the Amsterdam Admirals will square off on June 11 in Düsseldorf with the NFL Europe league championship on the line. This past weekend Berlin improved to 7-2 with a 31-24 win over the Frankfurt Galaxy and the Admirals moved to 6-3 with a 27-10 victory over the Hamburg Sea Devils. The Rhein Fire found its second win of the season with a 28-16 defeat of the Cologne Centurions.

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