Broncos News Briefs - Thursday, June 16

But just because Denver Broncos rookie cornerback Darrent Williams is off this week doesn't mean he isn't working. Read about Williams in today's news reports. Also - NBC has signed John Madden as an analyst for Monday Night Football.

Undaunted By a Legacy - - Andrew Mason
Thursday, June 16, 2005 - The man who last wore No. 84 in a regular-season Broncos game amassed more receptions, yardage and touchdowns than any one else to ever play tight end in the professional ranks. The man wearing it now hasn't played in a football game since high school and went to a college that doesn't even sponsor the sport. Shannon Sharpe and Wesley Duke both grew up in Georgia and are among the Broncos to wear jersey No. 84. The parallels cease there. Where Sharpe arrived at Broncos camp in 1990 following a stellar career at Savannah State, where he played receiver, Duke spent his collegiate days honing his skills on the basketball floor. The thoughts of Sharpe's numerous accomplishments in orange and blue are never far from Duke's mind.

NBC signs Madden as 'Sunday Night' analyst - Denver Post - Conner Ennis, AP
Wednesday, June 16, 2005 - John Madden was the first announcer Dick Ebersol thought of when NBC acquired the rights to the NFL's Sunday night package. In mid-May, Ebersol went to California to talk with the popular analyst and try to convince him to join NBC when the network begins broadcasting the NFL again in 2006. The work paid off. On Wednesday, NBC announced it had signed Madden to a six-year deal to be the network's lead analyst for their NFL coverage.

For Williams, the Field Is His Classroom - - Andrew Mason
Wednesday, June 15, 2005 - When Darrent Williams showed up for his first series of Broncos practices on May 16, his college days at Oklahoma State were firmly in his rear-view mirror. But the academic mentality remained. "It's like your first day of school," Williams said. "You first go to school and like going to a new grade. You get a book, you know some of the things but you really don't know too much. It's like reading a book and getting to know things and learning everything all over again." If the recent practices were like school, then this juncture is summer vacation. Williams and the Broncos are off this week, and then he and the other rookies will go to the annual Rookie Symposium next weekend after another week back at the facility. But just because Williams is off doesn't mean he isn't working.

A New Import - - Andrew Mason
Tuesday, June 14, 2005 - The final roster cutdown and the naming of the practice squad is still nearly three months away, but the Broncos already know who one of their practice-squad players will be. Tuesday, the team was assigned defensive lineman Patrice Majondo-Mwamba as part of the league's International Development Practice Squad. Majondo-Mwamba is a native of the Republic of Congo who grew up in Belgium, and is one of eight players placed on NFL practice squads for the coming season and the only one from Belgium. The other seven players include three Germans, two Finns, and one each from the United Kingdom and Norway. There is one international player in the program on each club in the AFC West and the NFC South for the coming season.

Broncos Head to Head: Mario Fatafehi vs. Super Mario -
Tuesday, June 14, 2005 - Most football analysts look at match-ups you're likely to see on the field. But what about all those match-ups that you could see off the field? In our latest match-up, we break down a potential encounter between Broncos defensive tackle Mario Fatafehi and the legendary Super Mario of Nintendo video game fame.

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