Broncos Tream Report 3/8

Lional Dalton visits Dove Valley, Gus Frerotte nixes Houston and Willie Roaf is set for this weekend. Check out these stories and more in our Broncos Team Report.


Less than twenty-four hours after the arrival of former Baltimore Raven fullback Sam Gash to Dove Valley, teammate Lional Dalton came knocking.

Dalton, a highly coveted defensive tackle, was nearly a Bronco last year, but a potential trade for running back Olandis Gary fell through and the four-year veteran finished out his contract in Baltimore, registering 29 total tackles, including 15 solo tackles.

Dalton arrived on Thursday, met with various coaching personnel and concluded his visit meeting with head coach Mike Shanahan. His schedule calls for a visit to Kansas City on Friday, after which he will more than likely make a decision between the two AFC rivals.


New Orleans offensive tackle Willie Roaf, considered by many as one of the most dominate run blockers in the league, is scheduled to arrive in Denver this weekend and meet with team officials on Monday.

The former Pro Bowler met with Kansas City head coach Dick Vermeil earlier in the week and, while he was impressed with what the Chiefs had to offer, still indicates that Denver is his first option.

Roaf has resided in Denver for the past seven years and has a six-year old daughter nearby.

"I want to come to Denver," said Roaf. "That's been stated. But at this point, I just want to play ball somewhere and do what I have to do to get on the field," he said.

Before any serious offers are made, the Broncos will be conducting a physical exam, with special interest in his right knee and the anterior cruciate ligament that was torn on Nov. 27.

Roaf claims that the MRI conducted in Kansas City showed no signs of injury or swelling, and his daily re-hab is on course for a complete recovery by training camp.


Gus Frerotte was just hours away from visiting with Houston Texans' general manager Charley Casserly, looking to land a starting quarterback position for the NFL's newest expasion team.

What Casserly had in mind though, was something entirely different.

With the expected selection of David Carr as the teams first draft choice, the Texans were looking to have Frerotte become a one-year mentor, offering a contract in the neighborhood of $1 millon and the opportunity to compete for the starting slot.

Certainly not the stability that Frerotte was looking for, so the Broncos designated backup cancelled his trip with a polite "no thanks."

"I've got too much going on with my rehab and my family. Unless it's a legitimate chance, I'd rather not visit."

With his options as a starter narrowing, Frerotte concentrated his efforts on Cincinnati, speaking with Bengals coach Dick LeBeau Tuesday evening, but it was considered just informal and neither the team nor Frerotte have shown much interest in securing a deal.


Defensive end Keith Washington agreed on Wednesday torestructure his current contract, giving the Broncos some much needed cap room.

The move frees up nearly $500,000 from the teams' salary cap for the upcoming season.

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