Broncos News Briefs - Monday, July 11

Cornerback Roc Alexander is ready to move beyond the loss by the Denver Broncos to the Indianapolis Colts in the playoffs last season, when Alexander was burned numerous times. Read about Alexander in today's news reports.

A cleaned slate - Denver Post - Patrick Saunders
07/10/2005 - Roc Alexander would like to erase the memories of last season's playoff nightmare in Indianapolis. But he can't. Not completely. And the hard truth of the matter is he shouldn't. But somehow, the 23-year-old cornerback from Colorado Springs' Wasson High School must find a way to not be haunted by it. It's a tough trick. "If you want to be a successful cornerback in this league, you have to sweep the bad games under the table, but you also have to learn from your mistakes," Broncos Pro Bowl cornerback Champ Bailey said last week during minicamp. Alexander has watched the footage of the Colts' 49-24 wild-card demolition of the Broncos.

Alexander Refuses To Dwell - Denver - Andrew Mason
Monday, July 11, 2005 - Six months can last a lifetime. It can be enough to completely forget the past. Or it can be enough to make the past seem worse than it actually was. Most often, it's somewhere in between, as it is for Roc Alexander and the Broncos when they look back on the wild-card loss at Indianapolis last Jan. 9. But it did take some time for Alexander to get over the game, when injuries to cornerbacks Lenny Walls and Willie Middlebrooks thrust him into the unenviable task of trying to cover Indianapolis' emerging receiving standout, Reggie Wayne. Even ignoring the media dissemination of the disastrous afternoon -- which included a Sports Illustrated cover on which Alexander was on the wrong end of a deep Wayne reception -- didn't help.Alexander watched tape of the game to study his performance and extract the lessons of what went wrong, but that was all the retrospection he needed -- or wanted.

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