Broncos News Briefs - Tuesday, July 19

Today's news reports feature a look at the Denver Broncos tight ends.

Training Camp Preview: Tight Ends - Denver Andrew Mason
Tuesday, July 19, 2005 - With the offseason acquisition of Jerry Rice and the certain-to-be-scrutinized progress of Darius Watts, the competition for the No. 3 wide-receiving slot promises to be one of the more spirited of training camp. But wide receiver is just a position. In truth, the Broncos' No. 3 pass catcher probably won't be a wideout. In quite a few years, the No. 2 pass catcher hasn't been a wideout. Tight ends have filled the role of prominent pass-catcher ably -- and not only when Shannon Sharpe was running routes and shedding linebackers and safeties for extra yardage while grabbing passes in Denver for 12 of his 14 NFL seasons.

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