Free Agency Watch Continues

Denver shifts its focus toward former Seattle Seahawk DE Michael Sinclair, Shanahan increases the offer for Ravens fullback Sam Gash and Willie Roaf's knee is becoming a major focal point at Dove Valley.

According to an article published in the Tacoma News Tribune, free agent DE Michael Sinclair, who was released by the Seattle Seahawks last month, has drawn interest from the Denver Broncos but has yet to schedule a visit with the team.

The Seahawks are also very interested in former Broncos TE Shannon Sharpe, and have scheduled a phone interview between Sharpe and head coach Mike Holmgren, prior to his visit with the team.

The pursuit of Sam Gash continues, with Denver offering the former Ravens fullback a three-year deal, after the first offer of one-year for $750,000 deal was rejected. Gash is carefully weighing out his options and is expected to give an answer within the next few days.

Former Cardinals WR Rob Moore visited Dove Valley today, as the team continues its search for a third receiver. Moore, who has 49 career touchdown catches has been used little of late after suffering a torn anterior cruciate ligament in the 2000 preseason and season-ending hamstring surgery last October.

Should the Broncos attempt to strike a deal, all indications point toward a cap friendly offer with an accelerated incentive clause.

Excitement, optimism and concern, are all playing their part in the minds of Broncos management when it comes to the signing of former New Orleans Saint offensive lineman Willie Roaf.

On one hand the Broncos are in desperate need of a powerful offensive lineman, geared to paving the way for, what they hope will be an explosive running threat.

On the other hand, the Broncos also realize that recent injuries have hindered the seven-time Pro Bowler, leaving doubts on his recovery, results of which may not be fully known until June.

Throw in the age factor, Roaf turns thirty-two years old next month, and it's boiled down to a serious calculated risk. Considering the teams' luck with their last calculated risk, Dale Carter, it's easy to understand Denver's reluctance in making a hasty decision.

Roaf understands their concern, and along with Denver-based agent Lamont Smith, is willing to try and negotiate "a middle ground", giving the team security should his health become an issue, in addition to providing a stable yet secure position in which Roaf could grow and nurture in the Shanahan system.

New Orleans has until March 20, to decide whether or not to extend Roaf's contract, which calls for a $4.25 million installment on a $6.5 million signing bonus.

Should a trade be arranged, Denver would assume the salary-cap hit for any bonus Roaf is due.

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