Training Camp News Briefs - Monday, Aug.1

Read the latest news reports from Day 3 of the Denver Broncos training camp.

One-a-day will go a long way - Denver Post - Mike Klis
08/01/2005 - Admission to the Broncos' training camp workouts is free, and half the time, fans hoping to see Jerry Rice catch a pass, Rod Smith slip a defender or John Lynch stuff the run get what they paid for. Rice, Smith and Lynch are among the dozen or so Broncos veterans who have been bestowed enshrinement into coach Mike Shanahan's unique one-a-day workout program. Considering the Broncos have two workouts a day during training camp, Dove Valley can hurt for star appeal half the time. Then again, the idea behind the privilege is to maintain a healthy dose of star appeal come NFL Sunday.

Bailey may get shot to be offensive - Denver Post - Bill Williamson
08/01/2005 - Champ Bailey isn't sure when he will work with the offense again, but he knows it's coming. Denver coach Mike Shanahan won't say when or how much the star cornerback will work at receiver but said there will be times Bailey works into the offense. "Yes, he will work in practice some with the offense at some point," Shanahan said. That is fine with Bailey, whose play at receiver last season went from a buzz in training camp to an afterthought by the end of the season.

Safety Lynch rarin' to go in 13th season - Denver Post - Bill Williamson
08/01/2005 - Last year, John Lynch had no idea how long his NFL career would last. Today, for a whole new set of more comforting reasons, Lynch still can't pinpoint the end of his career. Heading into his 13th season, the Broncos safety is approaching the 2005 season healthy and as rejuvenated as he has felt in years. "I feel great. I feel like I'm playing at a high level and I can do some good things out there," Lynch said Sunday. "I don't know how much longer I have, but I feel like I have a lot left. Going into last year, I couldn't say that."

Broncos happy to strike Gold again - Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
August 1, 2005 — Ian Gold wasn't wearing a Peyton Manning jersey or holding up a giant foam finger with a Colts logo on it. But after feeling slighted by the Broncos last year, the temporary Tampa Bay linebacker wasn't shedding tears while watching Denver's 49-24 postseason loss at Indianapolis from a distance. Gold wouldn't wish that kind of public embarrassment on Al Wilson and other friends on his former team. Still, it feels good to know that you are missed.

So far, news good for Broncos - Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
August 1, 2005 — Some of the fans on the west side of the Denver Broncos' practice fields exited the complex with concerned looks on their faces Sunday. And not just because Jake Plummer threw two passes in their direction that went into the crowd and nearly decapitated some of them. The spectators of the afternoon session were asked to leave as quickly as possible due to the threat of lightning. Having to call off the sixth practice of training camp 45 minutes early is about the only thing that has gone wrong for Mike Shanahan and the Broncos. Three days into camp, no major injuries have been reported and many of the new players have performed well.

Broncos' quint essentials - Rocky Mountain News - Jeff Legwold
August 1, 2005 - Oh, yes, the Broncos have been down this road before. Ever since fate and Terrell Davis' knees betrayed him and sent him into retirement, the Broncos have spun the wheel at running back. And where it stops, everybody knows. It usually stops on a 1,000-yard rusher, one who survived the day-to-day battles in a group most teams simply would say was too big. So here they are again, working their same old math. Five running backs who want the job. Six weeks to figure it out. And only one ball to carry along the way.

Carlisle guardedly optimistic - Rocky Mountain News - Lee Rasizer
August 1, 2005 - Cooper Carlisle's most notable NFL achievement to date might have more to do with pass-catching than blocking. A combination tackle/guard, Carlisle hung around for three seasons with the Denver Broncos, mostly playing special teams, then lined up as an eligible receiver in a September 2003 game against the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers never knew what hit them as Carlisle's 6-yard touchdown gave him the distinction of being the first Broncos offensive lineman in 17 seasons to score a touchdown. Considerable attention again is being foisted on Carlisle nearly two years later, and perhaps for the first time since that spotlight moment.

Broncos go to a backup plan - Rocky Mountain News - Jeff Legwold
August 1, 2005 - Denver Broncos rookie center Chris Myers was pushed on to the fast track Sunday morning. Myers, the Broncos' sixth-round pick in April's draft, has been bumped up the depth chart with the departure of Josh Sewell. Sewell, who was one of two sixth-round picks for the Broncos in the 2004 draft, spent last season on the Broncos' practice squad. Sewell, who recently was married, had told friends he was having second thoughts about his NFL career. When the Broncos took the field Saturday morning, Sewell was not among them.

Broncos camp report, August 1 - Rocky Mountain News - Lee Rasizer
August 1, 2005 - The Broncos donned full pads for the first time in the morning practice and went through three team periods, the final one a miniscrimmage with the first teams battling the second units and the third string competing. Rod Smith, Ashley Lelie and Jerry Rice each had first- down grabs.

Training Camp Day 3: Myers Steps Up - Denver - Andrew Mason
Sunday, July 31, 2005 - Opportunity knocked early in training camp, and sixth-round pick Chris Myers was more than willing to answer.With Josh Sewell being placed on the reserve/exempt list early Sunday morning, the former University of Miami standout advanced up a notch, working as the second-team center when the Broncos went into full-team work on Sunday morning.

Training Camp Day 3 Notebook: Strapping on the Pads - Denver - Andrew Mason
Sunday, July 31, 2005 - It was a Sunday morning, and based on the attire the Broncos donned for their fifth training camp practice, it looked almost like most Sundays between September and January. The Broncos stepped onto their practice fields full pads for the sunrise session at Dove Valley, eschewing the shorts they'd donned for practices on Friday and Saturday, and in a minor way, it felt as through it was the first day of camp all over again.

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