The Lions of Dove Valley

Although it's still early, barring any injuries, the combination of Al Wilson, Ian Gold and D.J. Williams may prove to be one of the best defensive lineacking corps. in the entire NFL.

Al Wilson stood at the podium comfortable, but you could tell that somewhere in the back of his mind visions of car crashes ran through. The media stood around him and they knew not to make any sudden moves, for fear that he might pounce like some great warrior who is always on edge, always ready to attack.

Okay, Al Wilson isn't really a blood thirsty savage, off the field, but on the field Wilson possesses the instincts of a lion. He destroys anything that is dressed in a different uniform, and now that Ian Gold is back and D.J. Williams is a year better (That's just slightly scary) the linebacker core is ready pounce. "If we can stay healthy we can be the best in the business." Wilson said.

The linebacking core may be the only spot on the entire Bronco roster where there are no real questions.

The starters, Wilson, Gold, and Williams have great individual stats in their young careers. Wilson the emotional and physical leader of the Broncos "D" has had 100 tackle seasons the last five years. D.J. Williams lead the team in tackles as a rookie in 2004; he's the first Bronco rookie to do that in 32 years. Ian Gold in 2002 had 130 solo tackles and 6.5 sacks while starting 16 games for the Broncos. In 2004 he rebounded from a torn ACL, and in only six games racked up 120 tackles (70 solo).

Wilson, Gold, and Williams are "coming around" and getting to know each other during camp. That's probably an understatement, Wilson has said it's not even like Gold ever left. As long as they stay healthy, they should be poised to be the best group in the league.

During camp they look like they are in perfect unison and if they continue to get better I feel sorry for not only the opposing defenses, but for the offensive players that have to survive the rest of camp.

These three look like they're ready to patrol the plains and valleys of the NFL for a long time to come.

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