Alexander a "Double Threat"

He may not be the next Shannon Sharpe, but tight end Stepen Alexander fits the perfect Denver Broncos mold - a very humble hard working blocker who catches the ball on a consistent basis

If you're looking for the walking football cliché Stephen Alexander is your guy. You know the type, "I'm just here to help the team win," that's Alexander.

In a time when athletes seem to carry themselves as rap stars more then professional athletes, he's the guy that lives the team attitude.

Alexander, who was drafted by the Washington Redskins in 1998 out of Oklahoma University, spent the next 8 years bouncing around the league until the Broncos signed him as a free agent this year. Since the loss of Shannon Sharpe, the Broncos have been searching for a tight end that brings some explosion to the offense.

If you think that's what Alexander is going to bring to the team you're sadly mistaken. What you are going to get is a very humble, hard working blocker who catches the ball on a very consistent basis.

When Shannahan was asked about Alexander, during day three of training camp at Dove Valley, he said "He's done a great job, a real professional.' Shannahan also went on to say that Alexander was a "double threat" which refers to the fact that he blocks well and can catch the ball down field.

He can catch and block well - what a novel idea. If more players decided they wanted to be good at more that one thing, this league would be a better place.

So he's not the next Shannon Sharpe, he's not going to command a lot of media attention, and his face isn't going to be plastered all over the 6:00pm edition of Sportscenter. What Alexander says you're going to get, is "a guy that's going to work hard each and every day". Huh, a guy that comes in, does his job, performs at very high levels, and gets his nose dirty in the trenches, I'll take two please.

Hopefully it works out for Alexander. He believes he's not in a battle for the starting job here in Denver. He believes that he and Putzier bring different things to the table. " There's plenty of balls to go around for all of us" Alexander said, and he hopes that they can work together to make Denver a Super Bowl contender once again.

Well Mr. Alexander, so does the rest of the Mile High City. From what he's shown in training camp to this point, there actually may be a battle at the tight end position, if we're lucky.

There's nothing like raising the stakes to bring out the best in players.

Additional contributions by Mishka Char and Diane Harrison Miller

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