Lackluster to Pure Shine

The intensity was at its lowest since the start of camp. Players didn't seem to have that jump that was evident in the first three days out at Dove Valley.

It wasn't just the players, the fans weren't as rowdy as they've been on previous days, and even the media seemed to be having trouble finding anything to get excited about (and they're the experts in exaggerating even the slightest thing into a story). It seemed like there was going to be a lot of sore egos, and vocal cords a like after the coaches got done yelling at the players during the start of practice. The offense decided to turn up the heat during an already blistering morning.

The Broncos practiced their "red zone' drills, scoring inside the 20, and from the start, the offense was getting the upper hand. Jake Plummer was completing passes to all of his receivers, and running backs alike. Quentin Griffin was finally showing signs of his old self, scooting around the field like when he was leaving defenders stuck to the turf in Indy 2 years ago.

"The offense is a little ahead of the defense" Shannahan stated when talking about the "red zone" drill. After last year's horrible display of scoring from inside the 20, there were some encouraging signs today.

Towards the end of practice the focus turned to moving the ball down the field. The offensive units were to start at their own 30 yard line and try to move against the defense. Did you notice I said try? That's what I like to call setting up the audience, because that's all the offense could do is try. For about ten plays in a row there was turnover, fumble, or loss of yards: - Bradlee Van Pelt intercepted by Champ Bailey, TD
- Plummer ball tipped at the line intercepted by Jashon Sykes
- Quentin Griffin fumble, loss of yards
- Matt Mauck fumble, no gain
- Mauck intercepted by Al Wilson, return to the three
- Dropped pass by Stephen Alexander
- Incomplete pass to Ashley Lelie

There were more turnovers in this sequence than in a French pastry shop.

"We are all responsible" Rod Smith said when asked about the dubious end for the offense. The defense seemed to be really fired up at the end of practice; they were all chanting and screaming. Let's hope that the offense can pull their act together tomorrow.

Additional contributions by Mishka Char and Diane Harrison Miller

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