Offense Shows Signs of Life

While most of the Denver Broncos offense continues to develop, the Jake Plummer to Ashley Lelie connection appears right on track.

Yesterday's turnover frenzy came to a stop today when the Denver Broncos offense actually showed some signs of life. While they did have a few turnovers, most notably a Sam Brandon interception in the end zone, it was nothing like the day before. The Broncos spent the morning practicing goal line situations.

Fullback Kyle Johnson did a superb job being the lead blocker as running backs followed him into the end zone. The offensive line, along with Johnson, did a nice job blocking during the morning sessions. Mike Anderson got into the end zone behind Johnson on numerous occasions. The most notable player not on the practice field this morning was Quentin Griffin who is only practicing once a day because he had minor swelling in his knee.

The wide receivers also had a very good practice, with Ashley Lelie looking as if he is going to, at the very least, duplicate his 1000-yard season of last year. The Jake Plummer to Lelie connection, that was so exciting to watch last season, is back on track. Lelie pulled-in an over-the-shoulder catch over cornerback Lenny Walls during the morning practice. Lelie, well known for his acrobatic catches, made them look easy.

The linebackers looked like they were in midseason form today, especially when Jashon Sykes put a punishing hit on rookie running back Maurice Clarett. Ian Gold also made a few of his trademark hard hits on the running backs. There is no question that these linebackers are going to be the most feared in the league. They are not only fast, but they hit extremely hard. Nothing is going to get by them this season.

The Broncos have a lot of depth at the linebacker spot. D.J. Williams, Al Wilson and Ian Gold will be the starters at linebacker this year. Having a triple threat at linebacker is something most NFL teams can only dream. Teams would be lucky to have one guy with the caliber of talent of Gold, Williams and Wilson.

The depth at linebacker starts with Sykes, special teams standout Keith Burns, Patrick Chukwurah and Terry Pierce. Sykes gets better and better everyday. Burns, who can't seem to stay away from the Broncos for too long, has been a welcome addition to the Denver Defense.

Additional contributions by Dianne Harrison and Brian Tipett

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