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Checking out our Broncos Hardcore Message Board we found our "Pick of the Posts" from Bighungry71, who shares his takes from Training Camp 2005.

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Today's top pick comes from Bighungry71

Observations from Camp

I bleed Orange and Blue....no I'm not sick I just love me some Broncos Football. I read EVERYTHING I can find on our boys daily. I have watched HOURS of video from camp....That being said here are some early observations of the team.

1. The Cleveland connection IS going to make the defense better. If Courtney Brown stays healthy we will compete for most sacks in the league.
2. The Defense is going to once again be top five league wide.
3. I was a Van Pelt doubter, I even lobbied for him to switch to safety. I was DEAD WRONG!! This dude can play him some quarterback....He's Big, Athletic and has a wee bit o'attitude. I think he will be our #2 this year and will have the chance to become the Broncos starting QB in a couple years.
4. Jerry Rice can still play....his presence is making Ashley Lelie better.
5. We have a Metric Butt Ton of running backs that can flat out play. I think Anderson, Dayne, Bell, and Clarett all could be 1400 yard rushers this year if they start.
6. On that note did anyone else think Ron Dayne was older than he is? Don't know why but I didn't realize this is only his 6th season in the league. Really,he has a fresh body because he didn't get much playing time in NY. This guy has a chance to be special again.
7. I'll end on number 7.....why? Because it is without a doubt the greatest number of ALL TIME!! The Broncos have improved the Pass rush, they have improved special teams...with that they will go only as far as the Jakester takes them. I think you can directly correlate his TD/Int ratio to team success.....

35TD 10INT = We win the Super Bowl
30TD 12INT = We Win the AFC
30TD 15INT = We lose in the AFC Title Game
30TD 20INT = Manning to Harrison, Manning to Wayne,Manning to Harrison....crap.....here we go again!!
25TD 25INT = Hey that Van Pelt kid looked good in Camp!!

Anyway.....that's what I have seen/been led to believe

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