Today's Quotes - Thursday, Aug 4 afternoon session

Official Press quotes from Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan following Thursday afternoon's practice session.


On defensive end Courtney Brown's injury to his left elbow suffered in the morning practice
"Courtney's MRI was a positive, very similar to (former Broncos tight end) Shannon Sharpe's injury, and Shannon was out for three weeks so (Courtney) should be ready for the first regular-season game and maybe there is a chance for the last preseason game. I thought the injury was a little more serious than that (dislocation), and you never know with those defensive linemen because they have to use their hands. At least we had a guy with a very similar situation in Shannon, and hopefully it's the same timeframe."

On Courtney's morale since the injury
"Courtney is feeling very good. I talked to him after the MRI, and he went home because he was a little tired and in a little of pain. But he'll be here bright and early getting treatment ready to go. "

On the play that injured Brown
"He had is arm out and all of a sudden one of our players' helmet went right into his elbow and just popped it out. Obviously, it's dislocated and we are just happy it's not broken."

On the depth at running back
"We have five guys that all have an opportunity to play. We will just have to wait until the preseason games. Day by day, different guys are showing what they can do. It's a process."

On second-year wide receiver Darius Watts
"Darius was our third teamer last year, so obviously we are looking for some big things out of him. Hopefully he can be more consistent this year and put up some numbers at that third receiver position."

On wide receiver Todd Devoe making some plays during training camp
"Todd has done some good things, and he has to become a bit more consistent. But he has some big-play capability, and he's been very impressive."

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