Today's Quotes - 8/4 05 morning session

Official Press quotes from Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan following Thursday morning's practice session.


On defensive end Courtney Brown's injury to his left elbow suffered during Thursday morning's practice at the South Suburban Sports Dome
"Courtney dislocated his elbow. The X-rays were negative and there were no breaks, so it should be anywhere from optimistically three weeks to pessimistically four to six weeks, somewhere in that area. He's done everything in the offseason to get himself ready, and his previous injuries are feeling great so to have something like this happen to him I'm sure is disheartening. He's such a great worker. He'll come back quicker than ever, and it's just an unfortunate setback. At least he got a couple of mini-camps in and a few days of practice. Hopefully, we can get this thing back to normal and get ready to play again."

On the play that Brown injured his left elbow,
"I didn't see it happen, but I saw it being popped back in so it was definitely out of the joint. Very painful. The good part about it is it's not broken. If it's broken, he's gone for the season. (Former Broncos tight end) Shannon Sharpe had it (dislocated elbow) against the Raiders, and he was out three weeks. If the MRI comes back this afternoon, worst scenario is four to six weeks. He'll be ready to play. He's been practicing well and playing well and it's very unfortunate."

On why rookie running back Maurice Clarett did not practice Thursday morning
"He's got a little tight groin, so we kept him out."


On defensive end Courtney Brown suffering a left elbow injury
"He's a great guy and a great kid, and he'll come back. God's going to bless him. He's had too much bad stuff. He'll come back."

On how Brown's injury affects the depth on the Broncos' defensive line
"We're blessed (to have depth on the defensive line). That guy is going to get a break, and he is going to be back. I know it. That sucker is tough, and he'll be back ….I promise you."


On the left elbow injury to defensive end Courtney Brown, whom he coached in Cleveland from 2003-04
"I just saw the end of the play, so I don't know. I love these guys. They are like my family, and I don't want to see a guy get hurt because they are close to me. That's just how I am as a human being. I'll go in and see what the trainers say. I'll keep a positive frame of mind and wait to see what it is. He's a man. I've seen him get hurt and run off the field and talk to me nice and calm and it be a serious injury, so I know it had to hurt him for it to be like that. It's a thing that hurts you as a man because he's a human being but as a football player, I have to see what the trainers say and move on."


On defensive end Courtney Brown's left elbow injury
"It was one of those things you never like to see. We were all very concerned because he was in a lot of pain, but the trainers did a great job in doctoring and taking care of him. We were all thrilled to hear at the end of practice, in just the preliminary reports, that it looks like he will be all right in a couple of weeks so we will continue to pray for him. I think what happened was it was a situation where Courtney was trying to strip the ball and with a couple of guys in there his arm kind of got twisted."

On how the injury affects the team's depth at defensive line
"We've had an extremely healthy camp so far, and ‘knock on wood,' that will continue. We don't like to lose anyone, but that is the reality of this game so Courtney will do his best to get well. Whoever steps in for him will have to pick up the pace on their part."

On practicing in the South Suburban Sports Dome because of heavy rain
"I think it's a good challenge for us because throughout the course of the year, you never going know what kind of environment you are going to play in and what the weather is going to be and you really can't concern yourself with it. I think it's sometime good to have things you can't sometime account for happen during training camp because it's good practice for us. It's a good change of pace."

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