Today's Quotes - 8/5 morning session

Quotes from Mike Shanahan, Jake Plummer, Darrent Williams and Charlie Adams following this morning's practice session.

Head Coach Mike Shanahan

On linebacker Patrick Chukwurah, who took a hard hit in the morning practice
"He's fine according to Greek (Broncos Head Athletic Trainer Steve Antonopulos). I don't know if it was a (hit to his head) or what, but he seems to be doing OK."

On the progress of defensive tackle Gerard Warren, who was acquired from Cleveland in an offseason trade
"I think he's doing great. He's one of our leaders. He's a great hustler. He does everything you ask him to do. From what I've seen of him in the first week, I'd be disappointed if he's not in the Pro Bowl. It's just the way he plays on a day-to-day basis—the way he works, the way he hustles, running game, passing game. I just expect him to play at that level because of what I've seen thus far in this camp. If he doesn't, I'll be disappointed."

On working on goal-line situations
"Well, we don't really have a scrimmage. We have a little goal-line situation, where we will actually tackle, and that's what we consider a scrimmage. In the red zone today, we had a lot of scenarios – second and 10 versus a nickel, third-down situations versus a nickel. Then we came back and did first and 10 in 7-on-7 and first and 10 as a team. It was an area of emphasis and obviously, we tried to work on it today."

On defensive end Ebenezer Ekuban and tackle Erik Pears getting tangled up in the morning practice
"Well the thing about this game… It's a violent game. This was probably the first skirmish. I can't call it a fight because it wasn't a fight. The one guy wouldn't allow himself to get into the fight. But if you lose your poise during practice, you lose it during the game. You've got to keep your composure. The teams that do fight usually fight during the season, and a lot of times it costs the team the game. What we try to do is practice and learn from these mistakes. Hopefully, it doesn't occur during a game."

On his impression of running back Ron Dayne
"Ron's done a great job. I think his running style fits our system. We watched him in college. We liked what he did in college. He's come in here and worked extremely hard. I look forward to seeing him perform in game situations. He's got a lot of ability and now we'll get a chance to see him compete against other backs."

Quarterback Jake Plummer

On the progress of the team in training camp
"Things are coming along like they should. We've still got a lot of work to do. Each day, we're getting better and fighting through the tiredness and being sore. That's what camp is for… just fight through mentally. Physically, everyone is hurting. You've got to be mentally into it. Soon, we'll go down and break it up and get a look at a different team in Houston, which will be nice but we've just got to keep pushing."

On the play of quarterback Bradlee Van Pelt
"He's doing all right, making some plays. He's not making some plays. He's doing what we're expecting of him. He's going out there and trying hard. His ability to make plays comes out more in a game than it will in practice, but he's working hard just like everyone else trying to get better."

On the work in the red zone
"It feels good. I think we had a few plays we should have still made, but down there we have to find a way to get it into the end zone. Guys were stepping up, getting some good runs. Obviously, we're not in pads so you can't tell exactly how the run is, but guys are working hard down there."

On how he feels he is throwing the football
"I feel like I'm throwing decent."

On participating in goal-line drills Saturday
"You know the goal line – going live down there – you just hand it off and hold your breath because you don't want to see anyone get hurt. Obviously, it's a good chance to go live. Really, the only way to get a good look down there is to go full speed. It will be fun. It won't be one of those where coach (Shanahan) is going to make us bang heads all day, but if we get in some good work down there, it will be good for us."

On who has impressed him among the Broncos' wide receivers
"There's a lot of those guys working hard. Obviously, Ashley (Lelie) is continuing to get better. Darius (Watts) continues to have his ups and downs. He has to continue to get consistent. Charlie Adams is having a great camp. I think he's made a lot of great plays, good routes (and is a) great blocker. All the guys are working hard. Besides that, all the young guys are just a little inconsistent right now. That happens when you get tired and sore. Those guys run so much. It's a tough deal for them sometimes, but they have to get mentally tough and come out every day wanting to get better."

On wide receiver Jerry Rice
"Who's that? (laughs) Jerry's doing good. He's an older guy. We're not running him into the ground right now. We know he'll be valuable to us in games. He doesn't do many things wrong. When he gets a chance to make plays… Today, he made a couple of real good catches for us."

Cornerback Darrent Williams

On having veteran receivers give him advice
"It does helps a lot because once I know what I did wrong, I can do whatever it takes to correct it. I always try to make sure that I only make the same mistake once. "

On how he is going to spend his day off
"Sleeping and drinking a lot of Gatorade and water. I do not plan on doing much. My main goal is to just stay off of my feet. I know that we are going down to Houston next week, so I have to get ready for this first preseason game."

On comparing practice at Oklahoma State and Denver
"We did have some hard practices, but not quite this speed. Here everything we do is at full speed, every play, all day. At Oklahoma State, you got some plays off and you could just chill, relax and try to keep your legs fresh. But not here. Out here, you have be going to get it every play or the coaches are going to let you know about it."

Wide Receiver Charlie Adams

On being consistent
"That is a big reason why I was not here the whole season last year, so that is something that I tried to focus on during this offseason. Right now, all of the work that I did seems to be paying off. All I can do not is focus on them one at a time as they come to me. "

On seeing the veterans practice and its effect on him
"These guys are a big for me. It goes all the way back to (former Broncos wide receiver) Ed McCaffrey, and I even told (wide receiver) Rod (Smith) that if it was not for him and Ed, I would not be here. Jerry (Rice) does not do anything but build on that. They are always telling us any and every little thing that could possibly get us open or gain a step or two because that is all it takes. Rod and Jerry help us out a lot with the little things, especially things that you may not see, while just watching the game or film. These are all big things that really help you get up into the league."

On transitioning into the preseason
"It is one thing when you are making plays out here, but they want to see you do it on gameday. This is something that everybody has to do and if you do not make plays on the weekend then you probably will not be here. That is something that everyone out here has to work on and do, but I especially have to do it."

On playing Houston and seeing new faces
"They do have some good corners down there, but every day we go against (cornerback) Champ Bailey and (cornerback) Lenny Walls. We also have all of these young corners who are doing extremely well, so I think we go against the best corners every day. I do not think they are going to show us anything that we have not seen here."

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