The Little Things - The Big Picture

Denver Bronco's receiver coach Steve Watson stresses that "You have to do the little things right, and the big picture will fall into place."

Steve Watson was one of those football players that stayed under the radar during his playing time in the NFL. A key member of the Denver Broncos, while they were making their run at the Super Bowls in the 80's, who quietly put his name in the top ten on most of the Bronco receiving records.

Watson describes his style of play as "Just a lunch pail; come to work kind of wide receiver, that was it." That may have been the case, but I don't think you get very far in the National Football League without loads of talent. He was the type of player that didn't possess great speed, but what he did possess, was precise route running, no fear of the hit, and strong reliable hands; a proto-typical possession receiver, and one of John Elway's favorite targets.

Watson is now the Bronco's receiver coach, and he has the chance to pass on his workman-like attitude to the young receivers in camp. He tries to pass on the mantra of, "You have to do the little things right, and the big picture will fall into place." When asked about the receivers he had in camp this year, he replied "We got a good group; obviously we have some veteran leadership, and some talented young kids that have a chance." He also believes that the young talent in camp has taken steps forward to being better players.

Referring to the leadership in camp; he's referring to long time Bronco great Rod Smith, and all time great Jerry Rice. "He (Rice) brings a sense of being a Pro." Watson said after asked what Rice brings to the team.

He also went on to tell a story about how, after a full pad practice, Rice ran sprints. He then came back and practiced in the afternoon, and all that from a man who is 42- years old. Watson told some of the younger wide receivers "you know guys, that's what it takes to be the greatest ever." Smith and Rice will help to improve the skills and attitudes of the younger players such as, Watts, Adams, and Luke.

The lack of depth and skill at the receiver position last year probably cost the Broncos some games, but with the teachings of a coach that stresses the little things, and the on-the-field leadership of Smith and Rice, there seems to be no way the Broncos can't be better at the receiver position.

Additional contributions from Dianne Harrison & Mishka Char

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