Today's Quotes - 8/6 morning session

Mike Shanahan, Jake Plummer and Jerry Rice talk about this morning's practice session at Dove Valley.

Denver Broncos Head Coach Mike Shanhan

On defensive tackle Mario Fatafehi's injury suffered during Saturday morning's practice
"We believe, at least right now without taking a MRI, that it's a second degree MCL, which can have him out anywhere from one week to three weeks. We'll find out for sure (the time Fatafehi will be out)… The MRI is going on right now and as soon as we know, we will let you know (the media)."

On why he made the players put their pads back on after the team had practiced in pads for most of the morning
"Once we took our pads off, we didn't practice very well, which is the reason we put the pads back on. Overall, I thought we finished pretty strong. "

On quarterback Jake Plummer's left knee
"I don't know how bad it is. He might have just tweaked it a little bit, and until the doctors look at it, I don't know for sure. He (Plummer) just felt that there was something a little different in there. I think he got it hit or a little jolt. Hopefully, it's just a little scar tissue."

On working in goal-line situations
"The ones (first team) got in every time and did some good things. Your defense is supposed to keep your offense out like they did the majority of time. We got a chance to evaluate some players down in that goal-line situation as well as our runners. It's a good period to have, and you're always hoping you don't have any injuries. Unfortunately, we had one today (defensive tackle Mario Fatafehi). "

QB Jake Plummer

On how the play that agitated his left knee during Saturday morning's practice
"On one of the pass plays, I set my feet and went to throw the ball to the wide receiver and my feet got caught. I think it was (tackle Matt) Lepsis and (defensive tackle) Luther (Elliss) on the ground, and I got locked in on them. In a game, I probably would have taken off and jump over them, but I think I just locked my knee a little bit."

On his left knee
"It is nothing major, and with a couple days of rest it should be OK. If I complain about my knee, how can I look myself in the mirror? (linebacker) Al Wilson, (defensive end) Trevor Pryce and all of these other guys are banging up front, so I have no right to complain about a sore knee. It is going to be fine, so I just need to keep taking advantage of the days off. We are going to look at it now and since I kept practicing, I would assume that it is nothing serious. It was not as if I could not keep going – it just started hurting a little bit. I am hoping that it is just a little strain, which I think it is and I know my body pretty well."

WR Jerry Rice

On being noticed in the public by fans
"I know that it pretty much comes along with the territory. When people come up to you, they want autographs. They take double takes like ‘what are you doing here at Target. What are you doing at the grocery store?' I'm the type of guy that likes to get out there on my own, and I think when people stop recognizing you then there is something wrong. It's time to move on and do something else. Yesterday, I went to the mall. I just had to get away for a second, and I guess people expect you to have bodyguards or an entourage. They look at me like I'm crazy, like ‘why is this guy hanging out like this?'"

On Saturday morning's full-pads practice
"It was OK. I just wish that the entire team, including myself, had been a little sharper today. We have some time away, so we have to regroup and come back and have a good practice Monday. I'm sure there were a lot of veterans out there today that were pretty disappointed with how we practiced today, and now we just have to refocus and get ready."

On the possibility of not making the Broncos' final roster
"It's OK. If I don't make it, I gave it everything I had. My approach over the years has been that I have always had to make the team, even in the glory days. I don't want anything given to me. I want to earn everything. If it doesn't work out then I will just move on. At least I came here and gave it my best shot."

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