Today's Quotes - 8/8 morning session

Mike Shanahan talks about this morning's practice session, the depth on the offensive line and his trip to Canton OH. for the Hall of Fame induction over the weekend

Head Coach Mike Shanahan

On any concern about quarterback Jake Plummer's left knee
"Well he practiced the whole practice (Monday morning), so that's a good sign. Like we said, we didn't think it was anything that was really serious. You never know if it's something that might come back up. He went through the whole practice and looked good. He did everything we had in our practice schedule, so that's a positive."

On the health of defensive tackle Gerard Warren
"At least according to Greek (Head Athletic Trainer Steve Antonopulos), he said he thought he had a slight strain of the hamstring. So hopefully it's nothing serious, and we'll evaluate that as the day goes on."

On the performance of the team after not practicing Sunday
"I told them it was their vacation. They were actually gone 24 hours. They get their body to heal up a little bit and get away for a day and come back and go through two-a-days. It's camp. There's nothing easy about it. But when you go eight days in a row, your body needs a little rest, especially going two-a-days through most of the camp. We put a little pressure on them, but they handled it well."

On his trip to Canton, Ohio, for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction ceremony over the weekend
"It was really great. It was great. (Offensive Coordinator) Gary (Kubiak) and I went down there and got a little chance to spend some time with Steve (Young) and Dan Marino at the same time. After being there last year (for John Elway's induction into the Hall of Fame and to play in the Hall of Fame Game) and kind of getting the feel of it and going back there, it was a special day."

On working with Hall of Fame quarterbacks Steve Young and John Elway
"You just know how hard they worked, the adversity they went through and the perseverance that they had. People think it's easy, but to see guys like that have those type of careers and the way they handle themselves through the tough times, it's really something that I really admire. To be there with Steve was really special for me because he's such a great person, such an overachiever with a lot of athletic ability. For him to accomplish what he's accomplished and handle it the way he's handled it, I just felt good that I was able to go there and have some time off. It came at a perfect time for me, and it was exciting to be there."

On the presence of several members of the United States military at Monday morning's practice
"Those are our true heroes. And as I told them, we have so much respect for what they do – you know, defending our country. They come in here, and just watching practice and trying to put ourselves in their situation where their lives on the line everyday. It was a special moment for our team."

On the adjustments rookie cornerback Darrent Williams has made during training camp
"Most of our young guys have really stepped up. Darrent has had a lot of reps. So has (rookie cornerback Domonique) Foxworth. He's had a lot of reps as well as (rookie cornerback) Karl (Paymah). You give these young guys the opportunity to compete with the first and second group, and it has really been great for them. It's a long process, but they all had a lot of talent and they have a big upside so hopefully they just keep on getting better."

On the depth of the offensive line
"Well, that's what we're doing. That's what camp is for – to find out through these preseason games how much depth you have. Everyone has anywhere from 85 to 90 guys. You have a number of players. Everyone has 15 players, 16 players on every team that we'll see through the remainder of this camp and the preseason games to see exactly how much talent we have.

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