Lynch Still Going to be Aggressive

Denver Broncos safety John Lynch is determined to maintain a physical style of play despite the fine he received last year for a hit on the Colt's Dallas Clark. Lynch also predicts big things for the Broncos defense this coming season.

An all world defensive lineup full of big names such as, Trevor Pryce, Al Wilson, Champ Bailey, Ian Gold, and last year's entire defensive line of the Cleveland Browns, John Lynch is over shadowed by no one.

Lynch, one of two Bronco Pro Bowl representatives, racked up 76 tackles (56 solo) last year, and was a defensive co-captain, in his second year as a Bronco.

"I came here to win a championship… my goal every year is to win a championship," Lynch has remarked on numerous occasions.

With that being said, Lynch is also very disappointed about how last year ended.

"They (Denver) brought me in, Champ (Bailey) and other guys to try and get that done and we fell short," he said regarding last season. But the defense seems poised this year to shut down any offense in the league.

"We're having a darn physical camp this year." Lynch said when asked how training camp had been going so far.

Physical might not be the word to use when describing the hard-nosed action that has transpired out at Dove Valley, and Lynch has been in the middle of it a majority of the time. Number 47 (Lynch) seems to have a nose for the ball. As a matter of fact, he seems to have helmet and shoulder pads for the ball also. He's been hitting everything that's carrying the ball.

Asked if the team was excited to go to Houston and actually hit someone else Lynch said, "Sure, when you see a different color jersey everything intensifies a bit, but I think the big thing is that we go down there and continue to work. Sometimes you go down and you're so excited about playing a different team that all the techniques (you've) been working on go out the door. It will be exciting to see how some of the off season acquisitions perform in an actual game situation.

" We've gotten better, first of all, forget about the acquisitions, when you get Trevor Pryce back, you're better right there, and with the acquisition of the young new corners we're going to be better football team…you add a dynamic player like Ian Gold, you're going to get better."

Lynch went on to say that with the stable of defensive linemen, the competition for a starting spot will push them to be the best.

When Lynch was asked if he felt that the NFL was trying to handcuff the the secondary, and if he had to adjust his game, he responded, " There are adjustments you certainly must make… the changes are more pertinent inside to the tight ends, and I think that's why you saw a spike in tight end numbers last year."

He also said he thinks the quality of talent at the tight end spot has increased. Lynch went on to talk about how there are rule changes every year and he just deals with it. Running backs and wide receivers should be wary this year, because Lynch and the rest of the defense aren't going to change their aggressive style of play any time soon.

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