Today's Quotes - 8/10 morning session

Mike Shanahan, Jake Plummer and Quentin Griffin discuss their first practice session against Houston, as they prepare to face the Texans this Saturday night.

Head Coach Mike Shanahan

On the weather conditions at the Denver Broncos' first practice with Houston on Wednesday morning
"This is not too bad. It's really what we've been practicing with. We practice early in the morning, and it's very similar to what we're getting in the afternoon except a little more humidity."

On the value of practicing against Houston
"It is always nice to go against another team especially when you are about 12-13 days into camp. I think it is nice for both sides, and we got a lot done."

On rookie running back Maurice Clarett's health
"He's just got a sore groin. The MRI was negative. It's nothing serious. It's not torn. He is getting rehab right now, working out a couple of times a day in the weight room, getting treatment about four times a day. Hopefully when we get back, he will be ready to go."

On wide receiver Jerry Rice
"The same thing is true in Jerry's case (with regards to why he did not practice Wednesday morning). I don't think it's anything serious. We just kept him out. We don't want to set him back. It's inflamed a little bit. It's precautionary more than anything else."

On the possibility of Rice practicing Wednesday afternoon
"I don't know. Hopefully he's all right this afternoon. With situations like that, they get treatment. I can't tell you exactly how long it's going to be, but I can tell you it is nothing serious. It is not a hamstring or a quad; it's just a little bit sore. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If he is fighting with something like that, it might set him back a week or two weeks, so I would rather give him a couple of days off -- even though he does not want to -- and hopefully he will be ready to go this weekend."

On rookie running back Maurice Clarett and where he stands on the team's depth chart
"Well, if you can not play, you can not move up the depth chart. That is common sense. The main thing we have got to do is get him ready. If it is sore and he can not practice, he can not practice. But obviously if you are not practicing, you can not move up on any depth chart."

QB Jake Plummer

On the weather conditions in Houston
"You just sweat a lot. It's warm…We loosened up and had a good day."

On facing a different team and style of defense in Houston
"It is big because we are going to have to face a lot of 3-4 teams this year. We have been facing our defense -- which plays a 4-3 -- and there are different lanes and progressions you have got to go through as a quarterback. There are going to be openings and pass routes that have been there at our place for the last week and a half that are not going to be there because there are different guys in different lanes. It teaches you patience through the progressions and taking what they give you."

On how facing a different team affects the speed of practice
"We practice at a pretty high level no matter what. It is nice to go against somebody else and hit somebody else. That is nice, but we practice at a high speed regardless of whether we are going against ourselves or another team."

RB Quentin Griffin

On being back in Houston, which is the city where he was born
"It feels good to be back at home. You get a chance to see some family and friends, (but) we came down here to work; That's our main objective. We'll come back out this afternoon and try to get even better."

On the weather conditions at Wednesday morning's practice
"It is all right. At least you can breathe."

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