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Checking out our Broncos Hardcore Message Board we found our "Pick of the Posts" from Bighungry71, who shares his takes on Jake Plummer.

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Today's top pick comes from Bighungry71

Put up or get on down the road

As I have said earlier.....I BLEED ORANGE AND BLUE.....

I am also a fan of Jake Plummer. I qualify this post with that because I'm about to take the plunge off of the Plummer bandwagon for a brief moment.

It has become readily apparent that this team is coming together and has the peices to make a run at the Super Bowl. Now if you read national media they don't see that......they see a team with a top 5 defense, a top 5 running game, MUCH improved special teams.....and a quarterback some call "Lefty".

Again, don't get me wrong...I like Ol' Lefty, I think he brings an amazing amount of fire and athleticism to the game. But it boils down to one thing for me. If We (yes we....It's MY team!) can't bean Indy again in the playoffs I say its time to drop the proverbial ten and punt.

Sitting in a comfortable dorm room right now is arguably the best college QB of all time, Matt Leinhart. With two first round picks next year, one of which just might be the #1 if the skin's keep stinking it up, we NEED to go that direction if Jake doesn't get it done. I love Jake, he's a great guy with country boy mountain roots. I think his personality fits GREAT with our area and team....but it's not a personality contest....

Its time to Put up brother Plummer....or get on down the road!

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