Broncos - Texans Quotes Part 2

Houston WR Andre Johnson and Denver Broncos WR Jerry Rice share a few laughs after the two teams worked out against each other. Check out the full transcripts.

WR Andre Johnson-Jerry Rice conversation

Andre Johnson: My question to you is: What keeps you going, man?
Jerry Rice: Andre, you know, I think the thing for me is that I still love the game. I'm still like a little kid out on the football field, and I'm still coachable. Any of the coaches can come approach me and they can tell me why they think I need to run this route this way. I'm not going to be offended by it. It's only going to make me a better player. I think it's just my conditioning over the years and my dedication to the game and basically just trying to set a good example.

Andre Johnson on Rice respecting his game: "It means a lot. He's the best receiver to ever play the game...I have a lot of respect for him, just (from) growing up and watching him. Like I said, I (remember) him coming down to Miami when he was in San Francisco to play the Chargers in Super Bowl (XXIX). It was nice just watching him."

Jerry Rice: "That was a nice game…But, you know, Andre, all I'm saying is you have a passion for the game, and you love it, dedicate yourself to it. Work hard. And always leave yourself open for advice. A lot of receivers, once they get to a certain level…they feel like they know everything. If you continue with your attitude, one day I'll be sitting back watching you and saying, ‘Wow.' Everything that I did, it worked out. This guy, he's carrying on that tradition for the wide receivers."

Andre Johnson: "I hope I can be in the league for 21 years."

Jerry Rice: "Come train with me."

Andre Johnson: "I really would like to do that. I really would."

Jerry Rice: "We'll do that."

Andre Johnson on if he has any Rice memorabilia on his wall: "I have an autographed picture from him. My rookie year, he sent it to me, and I really do appreciate it. It's hanging up in my house."

Jerry Rice: "Hey, man. No problem…Like I said, I'm going to give you my telephone phone number so you have no excuses."

Andre Johnson: "Alright."

Jerry Rice: "This off-season, we can do the hill. We can train together."

Andre Johnson: "I heard a lot of people can't make it up that hill."

Jerry Rice: "I can get you there."

Texans QB David Carr

On the intensity level being higher going up against a different team
"Oh yeah, definitely. Especially when you get the guys that either you're going to play in the preseason or are going to play in the regular season. It always steps up a notch. Everyone's competitive juices get going and you want to beat every body else. Even though its a little 7-on-7 drill or 1-on-1 or whatever it is, you want to win."

On being excited to finally go up against a different team
"Yeah it's nice. I'm tired of seeing Gary Walker and Kailee Wong and all those guys across (the line of scrimmage). Those guys are supposed to be my teammates. It's nice to work against them but it's also nice to take your skills and go work them against someone else."

On Jerry Rice and Andre Johnson chatting after practice
"Jerry's a good guy. I've gotten to play in a golf tournament the last couple years with him. Just for a guy who's done all the things that he's done to be so down to earth to come up and just say hi and ask how I'm doing. (He's a) class guy."

On feeling an awe factor upon seeing certain players
"Oh still, when I see Jerry Rice. Just some of the things he's done (in this league) in 21 years now. I was born when he was a freshman in college. So the guy has a little experience on me. So definitely."

Texans WR Andre Johnson

On meeting with Jerry Rice after practice
"It was great. To get advice from the best receiver to ever play the game was something that I've been waiting for. I finally got a chance to do it."

On the advice Rice offered him
"He just told me to just be coachable, and that's something that I am. When a coach is telling you that you need to do this when you're running a route, don't act like he doesn't know what he's talking about or talk back to him or things like that. (Rice) said that he still feels like a little kid out there on the field. He still loves the game."

On the possibility of breaking Rice's records
"That's going to be hard. To play that long…that's a lot of yards and a lot of touchdowns and a lot of receptions. You just have to work at it, but it's going to be hard to break (those records).

On speaking to Jerry Rice
"It means a lot. I didn't realize he has been in the league 20-some years. That's amazing. They say you can only be in the league four years, for a football player. He has been in it for 21. It was really great to finally get a chance to talk to him."

On if he's going to train with Rice
"Yeah, I hope so. Like he said, he still loves the game and he's like a little kid when he's out on the field. He continues to work hard. He invited me to come up and train. I'm definitely going to go. I'm going to take him up on it. I think it would be a really good experience for me."

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