Today's Quotes - 8/17 (pm session)

Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan discusses where the team stands as they prepare to face the San Francisco 49ers this Saturday. Check out the full transcripts.

Head Coach Mike Shanahan

On working on improving Denver's special teams
"When you play poorly, I think you have to have some emphasis in that area and hopefully we can get there by this weekend."

On whether special-teams success is based on assignments or attitudes
"It is a little bit of everything. If you've played before, then you understand that in order to get it done on gameday, you have to come out here and work during the week. You have to have everyone working on the same level, and we have to improve in the special teams area. Unless we get everyone working together, we are going to come up short, so we are going to work for perfection during the week and hopefully it will carry over to gameday."

On rookie safety Brandon Browner's effort on special teams Wednesday afternoon
"He wasn't going full speed. If you don't go full speed, it is hard to get the first team punt return ready and they get a false impression of what it is about. That is young guys though; Browner is a guy that gives a lot of effort. The focus isn't there, and sometimes they don't understand the standard that we practice at. It is easy to lose concentration, and it is my job to remind them about that level of concentration."

On giving Browner a second chance
"We did give him a second chance. (He is a) first-year guy."

On how wide receiver Ashley Lelie is playing during training camp
"He has had a great camp. He played great last year. He led the National Football League in yards per attempt. That doesn't happen very often, where a guy averages over 20 yards per reception. That means a lot of big-time plays and a lot of pass interference calls. He can still take his game to the next level, and he is much more impressive this year than he was a year ago. He had a pretty good year last year."

On wide receiver Ashley Lelie becoming an all-around player
"Usually the hard thing to teach is the deep routes because it is hard for guys to go up there and make those plays. He has been able to do that. He has gotten tougher, mentally and physically. He has been hitting the weight room. He has to keep on improving. He is not there yet, but I have seen him make some strides."

On the number of plays the starters will get in Saturday's preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers
"We do the same thing every year. We give them about 10 to 15 in the first game, 20 to 25 in the second game. Usually it is 30 to 35 in the third game and if you are an established starter, we try to keep them out of the fourth game. We try to play most of our second teamers and some first teamers who are competing with the second teamers. We will try to get a chance to evaluate them before the final cutdown. There are obviously some fourth teamers out there trying to compete as well. We have been doing that consistently since I have been here, so I think it has worked out."

On linebacker Al Wilson's statement about the 2005 defense being the best he has played on in Denver
"If he (Al Wilson) feels that way, then I feel very good. Yeah, I think so. We have had an excellent camp. We have thrown a lot at our defense, from an offensive standpoint, personnel groupings and many different formations."

On defensive tackle Gerard Warren and cornerback Champ Bailey's hamstring injuries
"That is the reason why we kept them out. Both him (Warren) and Champ were out for that reason. Gerard could have practiced, but I am not sure if Champ could because his tightened up a little bit this morning. (Cornerback Jeff) Shoate… the same thing. He (Shoate) still has a little bit of a problem with that knee (left knee), but other than that, I think we are doing all right."

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