Denver Broncos News Blogs - Friday, Aug. 19

Controversial running back Maurice Clarett made it back from a groin injury to finish the last day of Broncos Camp 2005. Read all about in today's Broncos News Blogs.

Progress up for grabs - Rocky MountainNews - Jeff Legwold
Friday, Aug. 19, 2005 -
The Denver Broncos know what Darrent Williams can do. It's what he shouldn't do that they're working on right now. They are trying to teach their rookie cornerback/kick returner not to run so fast. Not to be so aggressive. Not to try to score a touchdown every time a punt lands in his hands.

Broncos camp report, August 19 - Rocky Mountain News - Jeff Legwold
Friday, Aug. 19, 2005 -
The team wrapped up its two-a-day portion of training camp with two practices, the last workouts of the preseason open to the public. The morning workout was punctuated by an appearance of rookie running back Maurice Clarett on the field as well as a visit by Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway.

Clarett back on practice field - Denver Post - Bill Williamson
Friday, Aug. 19, 2005 - The NFL's most talked about fifth-string running back was back on the practice field Thursday. Embattled rookie Maurice Clarett participated in the Broncos' final training camp workouts. Clarett, who had to stop in the morning practice to stretch his injured groin, worked out for the first time since Aug. 8.

Love over legacy - Denver Post - Mike Klis
Friday, Aug. 19, 2005 - There will come a time, everyone agrees, when Jerry Rice is bronzed. And once it happens, he will remain that way for Hall of Fame eternity. Until then, Rice feels conflicted by his love for life as a football player - the only life he has known - and a loving public that wants to hurry up and turn him into a statue.

Bailey's return likely next week - Denver Post - Bill Williamson
Friday, Aug. 19, 2005 - Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey is likely to miss his second consecutive preseason game because of a hamstring injury. If Bailey practices today and feels he can play Saturday night against the San Francisco 49ers, he will. But he's not counting on it. "I want to play, but I don't know," Bailey said Thursday. "Probably next week. I have to get some time in the preseason. But it's looking like next week."

The End of the Beginning - Denver - Andrew Mason
Friday, Aug. 19, 2005 - There was a time when Broncos players were so eager to escape training camp that the final day of work saw them sprint off the field as if they were in the midst of the fall of Saigon.

As Camp Wraps, Clarett Returns - Denver - Andrew Mason
Thursday, August 18, 2005 - The end of training camp marked a beginning for Maurice Clarett -- at least in terms of his recovery from a lingering groin injury. The rookie running back practiced for the first time in 10 days Thursday morning, occasionally getting some carries against the Broncos' No. 1 defense and absorbing a shot from safety Nick Ferguson over the course of his morning.

Clarett returns to practice - Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
August 19, 2005 — Denver Broncos strong safety Nick Ferguson took advantage of the opportunity and laid his pads into Maurice Clarett during Thursday's morning practice. It wasn't the only hit the rookie running back has taken this week, but at least this one was on the football field. On the final day of his first NFL training camp, Clarett practiced with his teammates again, something a groin injury had prevented him from doing for two weeks. The former Ohio State standout wasn't even invited to travel with the Broncos to Houston last week, left behind to work out with assistant trainers.

Bell pushes Anderson for top spot - Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
August 19, 2005 — Clinton Portis and Reuben Droughns had three important things in common during their time with the Broncos: 1. Both rushed for more than 1,200 yards during the regular season as Denver's starting running back. 2. Both were unable to provide much help in first-round playoff losses at Indianpolis. 3. Both were traded by Mike Shanahan. So, for the third time in as many season with the Broncos, Jake Plummer will hand the ball off to a new featured back. Well, sort of.

Clarett back in Broncos' practice - Mercury News - Frank Schwab
Thu, Aug. 18, 2005 - Rookie running back Maurice Clarett returned to his job as the Denver Broncos' fifth-string tailback Thursday. Clarett, who had been sitting out with a right groin injury, practiced for the first time since Aug.8. Clarett denied interview requests three times Thursday, refusing each request by walking by in silence. Clarett had a magnetic resonance imaging test on his right groin last week, and although it showed no torn muscles the team left him in Denver when it traveled to Houston for joint practices and a preseason game against the Texans.When the Broncos returned from Houston, they were disappointed to find Clarett still wasn't ready to practice.

Will Middlebrooks give Denver case of the Willies? - - Craig Massei
Aug 18, 2005 - Willie Middlebrooks returns to his place of career beginnings and forgettable memories this week, but he now says those days are all behind him. The former first-round draft pick never made it as a starting cornerback with the Denver Broncos, but he has been looking pretty spiffy in that role with the 49ers this summer, and that has put the rangy veteran in a position for a little payback Saturday when the Niners travel to Denver for their second preseason game. But payback isn't real high on Middlebrooks' priority list right now. He says he has nothing to prove to the Broncos, who finally gave up on him after four unproductive seasons when they shipped him to San Francisco in a July 15 trade for defensive end John Engelberger.

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