Tale of the Tape Says Nothing about Rookie Corner

Darrent Williams, the Denver Broncos number one draft pick, has had some big shoes to fill towards the end of training camp.

Williams has been pulling double duty at the cornerback position since starter Champ Bailey is sidelined with a pulled hamstring. He doesn't mind though.

"Yeah, I'll be extremely tired, but I got to fight through it, there's going to be times in a game, 4th quarter, no time outs, you can't get a break, and you've got to fight through it, Williams said."

One good thing about "the rook" working double duty is more reps, and more reps means more work, and the more work he gets in camp and pre-season games, the faster he will learn about playing in the NFL.

When asked about the hardest thing on the field to learn, he replied, "Technique - technique is everything. I just come out here everyday and work on technique."

A man his size (5'-8", 188lbs) needs to learn all the technique he can.

Speaking with Williams, you feel the confidence that has driven him to succeed at cornerback despite his size. He's not exactly prototypical in the faster, bigger, and stronger NFL, but as he says, "You can't throw a fade (route) every play…as long as I get in their chest I'll be all right."

Chest level is where he's staring at on the bigger receivers in the league.

Williams knows the Broncos saw something special in him and believes it was "My aggressiveness. I don't back down."

"I've played against big wide receivers (in college) like Roy Williams," he said. "With the new five yard rule, a lot of big corners like to hold. So a lot of teams are looking for smaller quicker corners."

Williams played against the Detroit Lion's stand-out wide receiver while at Oklahoma State.

"He was the toughest guy in the big twelve to cover," Williams said. "He's fast, big, and strong."

The rookie corner does more than cover; he also brings a level of excitement to special teams, and not the gut wrenching type which comes from poor tackling that leads to 90 yard kick returns for the other team but the type of quickness and wiggle that leads to touchdowns for the good guys.

Kick returning in the NFL is known as one of the crazier jobs you can have, right behind Alaskan king crab fishing and bullet proof vest testing. Williams likes it though.

"It's something I like to do… it's something I've been doing since middle school," he said.

Fans may see a lot of Darrell Green in Darrent Williams - fast and aggressive - and will hope the little man from a state where everything is bigger (Texas) can show skill isn't always measured in inches and pounds.

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